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UGW 2020 and Other Gambling Events in Kyiv: How They Develop the Industry

Publication date: 05 dec 2019

The global gaming industry shows rapid growth: according to Coherent Market Insight, the gambling market volume will increase by 11.4 % by 2026. The emergence of new technologies and software affects industry development, providing companies with significant advantages over competitors. You can keep...

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Casino Promotion and Responsible Gambling Concept to Be Discussed at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference

Publication date: 03 dec 2019

On December 18, Radisson Blu Hotel will host Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference organized by Smile-Expo. The event is dedicated to gambling business legalization in Ukraine and international experience in the industry regulation. The conference will also involve foreign gambling specialists who will ...

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Gambling Development Trends: What to Expect in the Coming Year?

Publication date: 27 nov 2019

On April 15-16, Kyiv will host a major exhibition of gambling software and hardware – Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020. The event will feature a conference involving industry professionals: they will talk about the regulation and prospects of gambling. What industry trends will we face in 2020? ...

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Gambling Market Regulation, Casino Promotion, and Customer Acquisition: First Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference

Publication date: 06 nov 2019

On October 18, Smile-Expo held the first Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference in Tbilisi. The event was dedicated to the development of the online and offline gambling industry as well as the application of affiliate marketing in iGaming. Besides, experts analyzed the structure of the Georgian ...

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iGaming Affiliate Marketing Event to Be Back to Minsk: Smile-Expo to Organize Second Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference in Spring

Publication date: 31 oct 2019

On March 5, 2020, the Smile-Expo team will hold the second Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference. The event will be dedicated to the development and prospects of online gambling, as well as affiliate marketing in the iGaming sector. It will involve leading industry experts. They will share the ...

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Preparing for UGW: Must-Know Tips on Gaming Software

Publication date: 24 oct 2019

On March 11-12, 2020, Kyiv will host the largest exhibition of gambling products – Ukrainian Gaming Week. Exhibitors will include top casino software developers and other industry representatives. Let’s examine the types of software and find out how to choose them. How to make a ...

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In 2020, Kyiv to Host Major Event by Smile-Expo – Ukrainian Gaming Week

Publication date: 23 oct 2019

Ukraine’s largest gambling exhibition, Ukrainian Gaming Week (UGW), will be held on March 11-12, 2020. The event organized by Smile-Expo will take place in Kyiv and bring together leading industry manufacturers. Reasons for holding this event On September 2, 2019, President of Ukraine ...

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Results of 3D Print Expo 2019: New Workshops and Presentations of Innovative Solutions

Publication date: 15 oct 2019

On October 4-5, Russia hosted the seventh 3D Print Expo by Smile-Expo: Moscow turned into a center of additive technologies on those days. The event featured extremely meaningful lectures and twice as many workshops. Useful presentations by specialists Lectures at 3D Print Expo 2019 involved ...

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How to Drive Traffic to Mobile and Difficulties of Transition to CPA – What Speakers of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019 Were Talking About

Publication date: 08 oct 2019

On September 26, the capital of Ukraine saw the second Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference by Smile-Expo dedicated to affiliate marketing in the gambling industry. Attendees took part in specialized networking and listened to reports on up-to-date issues. Conference themes The conference started...

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Biohacking Conference Moscow: Summing Up the Event on Health Upgrade and Life Improvement

Publication date: 04 oct 2019

On September 19, Smile-Expo held Biohacking Conference Moscow. The event brought together biohackers from Russia and the UK, science communicators, physicians, genetic scientists, cryonics and face fitness experts, developers of technological devices, and specialists exploring aging processes. They ...

Upcoming exhibitions

Georgia Gambling Conference

April 15

Leading gambling experts and affiliates will highlight the trends of iGaming and affiliate marketing at the conference in the heart of Georgia!

eSPORTconf Ukraine 2021

April 22

The third largest professional event dedicated to esports for Ukrainian business. Topics: strategy, marketing and business projects for non-endemic brands.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv 2021

April 28

The event dedicated to the prospects of development of blockchain technologies in business, benefits of cryptocurrencies in various sectors of economy, as well as the peculiarities of the legislative regulation of virtual assets.

Greece Gambling Conference

Spring 2021

Platform for networking and new business contacts. During the coffee breaks, attendees will be able to talk to speakers in the informal atmosphere, learning new insights of the gambling industry and discussing the key trends.