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Reviews about Smile-Expo events in media 01.11.2019

On October 18, Smile-Expo held the first Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference in Tbilisi. The event was dedicated to the specific nature of online and offline gambling business operations, Georgian gambling market prospects, and casino promotion using affiliate marketing. The conference brought together casino managers, affiliate network representatives, government officials, webmasters, arbitrage experts, SEO specialists, as well as gambling regulation and taxation professionals.

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On September 26, the long-awaited Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019 by Smile-Expo took place, the event dedicated to affiliate marketing in the gambling business. The second event outmatched the first in terms of the volume and quality of practical information, the scope of exhibition area, and the general atmosphere of dedicated networking.

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On June 21, the international firm Smile-Expo hosted the unique Switzerland Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference. The event took place at Sheraton Zurich Hotel and was dedicated to gambling and affiliate marketing. It brought together participants of the gambling market that work in online and land-based segments. The event featured specialists of world-renowned gambling companies including PLANZER LAW, Afilexion Alliance, Global Bet, Oryx Gaming, 1710 Gaming Ltd, PartnerMatrix, Expozive, GamblingCompliance, Endorphina, and many others. Attendees were representatives of affiliate networks, online and land-based casinos, affiliates, marketers, lawyers, members of regulating agencies, etc. Relevant presentations, live discussions, and productive networking – all of it united conference participants.

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The conference involved leading blockchain specialists from the Czech Republic and technology enthusiasts from other countries. It was opened by Sean Patterson, Co-Founder of Euro Digital Partners. After the moderator’s welcome speech, speakers revealed key technology issues as of today: legal aspects of blockchain, its application, and industry prospects.

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Manila, Philippines held its second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference last December 6 at the Holiday Inn & Suites Makati to the delight of blockchain leaders and supporters in the country. Sponsored by OSR Chain, the Smile-Expo conference featured a roster of speakers who highlighted how blockchain has and will improve the business, health, and other sectors.

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Blockchain Conference Philippines, The 52nd Event In The Cryptocurrency Sphere Organized By Smile-Expo International Company. The Philippines-Based Conference Dedicated To The Crypto Industry Development Is Going On Successfully In Manila For The Second Time. The International Company Smile-Expo Has Organized The Event Fantastically.

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It is widely believed that business is the only most effective source of real innovations and the added value. However, states are gradually becoming strong supporters of innovation, and state-funded innovation programs are making a significant impact on the evolution of mature tech such as artificial intelligence (AI). Achieving a successful digital transformation by leveraging AI technologies can yield $1.2 trillion in added value until 2021 globally, according to the AI Conference Kyiv 2018.

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On October 23, the international company Smile-Expo has conducted the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta. Crypto meeting has become the 50th anniversary event of the company’s blockchain series and has been visited by the CEO of Malta Digital Innovation Authority – the main blockchain regulator in the country.

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On October 9, 2018, Smile-Expo international company organized Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland – a crypto event in Geneva that has gathered 150 visitors – top professionals in the crypto segment, representatives of the major DLT-based companies, entrepreneurs and investors.

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On September 11, the international company Smile-Expo has organized the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm in Sweden. The event gathered over 200 visitors – among guests there were top experts in crypto sphere and the Member of Swedish Parliament – Mathias Sundin.

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On July 18, Smile-Expo held the first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France, an exhibition and conference dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. In particular, the event brought together crypto experts from IBM and Microsoft as well as a member of the National Assembly’s Committee.

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Technical Solution Professional at Microsoft Shri Chakraborty reported that currently cryptocurrencies are paid much attention to, especially, making money on them. Instead, we should focus on the technology hidden behind digital cash – blockchain. In her opinion, blockchain network is better protected than its predecessors are. That is why its potential should be fulfilled in business.The speaker also provided specific case studies mentioning how Microsoft helped large international companies including Maersk, Webjet, Utilidex and Bank Hapoalim with blockchain solutions.

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Cryptocurrencies are not of primary importance for business, blockchain-based payments is what defines the future while mining is becoming more power consuming. These are key points voiced at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Australia in Sydney, a large international event dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO, on May 29.

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On March 28, 2018, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel was held in the sunny Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv. Israel is the perfect place for such a conference to occur, as it’s a hotbed of technological innovation, especially in the blockchain world.

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Tough control over ICO would herald 2018. So, no more talks about the absence of a legal framework for cryptocurrencies. That is a conclusion of the speakers at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv.On March 29th, for the fifth time, Kyiv gathered officials, entrepreneurs, traders, lawyers, startup founders in order to discuss the introduction of the distributed ledger technology into governmental processes and business and investigate the issues related to the development of a regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency industry and ICO.The participants included Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, Head at State Agency for e-Government of Ukraine Oleksandr Ryzhenko, President at the ‘Ukrainian Investment Holding’ Mark Ginzburg and Partner at CKR LAW LLP Gordon Einstein.

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cryptovest 26/01/2018

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, on Thursday hosted the inaugural Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference. The event, held at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, is the first in a series of conferences that will take place across 14 countries through May this year and focuses specifically on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Event organizer Smile-Expo said the Philippines was chosen to host the first of these conferences in recognition of its pioneering efforts in digital asset regulations. The Philippines is the first country in Asia to address the growing demand in the digital currency space.

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cryptovest, 26/01/2018 15/01/2018

Blockchain experts and industry leaders from around the world are converging in Manila on January 25 for the inaugural Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines, an event dedicated to cryptocurrency, blockchain and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Manila turns the spotlight on cryptocurrency with Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines.The Philippines is the first country in Asia to address the growing interest in the cryptocurrency sector. In February 2017, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) rolled out Circular No. 944, which “recognizes that virtual currency (VC) systems have the potential to revolutionize delivery of financial services, particularly for payments and remittance, in view of their ability to provide faster and more economical transfer of funds, both domestic and international, and may further support financial inclusion.”

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Last week we visited Istanbul for another Smile-Expo event and overall it was great. Very well organized and well attended. Some of the biggest names in the conference were: Gordon Einstein, Crypto-Attorney and FinTech/Blockchain expert from CryptoLaw, Stefano Virgili, Chief Marketing Officer at Copernicus Gold...

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Keeping in tune with the rising interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Smile-Expo, a Bengaluru-based company organized Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference 2018 on Thursday. The event comprised of eminent speakers and budding blockchain-based start-ups that talked about the scenario of virtual currencies in India and abroad. Some of these speakers included Arnab Naskar, the CEO of SICOS who talked about ICO regulations in European Union and Switzerland.

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econotimes 23/02/2018

The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference India brought together startups, crypto enthusiasts, legal representatives, and others under one roof.
The conference was held at Hotel Radisson Blu on February 22, 2018. It featured discussions on a number of topics with a particular focus on the recent developments in the Indian regulatory landscape in the sphere of cryptocurrencies, pitches from a number of companies, and offered an opportunity to the participants and attendees to build their professional networks.

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There were speakers from different regions. And though we haven’t learned anything radically new, we believe that these kind of conferences are good for keeping abreast with all the things that are happening in the market of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It is also a great opportunity for our portfolio projects to quickly attract many people. We met a lot of familiar faces, both among speakers and teams, with whom we discussed legal regulations of the market in different jurisdictions.

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BTC-ECHO 11/12/2017

BTC-ECHO traveled to Malta for you to attend the Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Valletta and make interesting presentations. The international conference is one of the Bitcoin & Blockchain events organized by Smile Expo around the world.

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BTC-ECHO, 11/12/2017 29/11/2017

The Netherlands seems to be an interesting option for companies arranging for a cryptocurrency token sale and initial coin offering, or ICO. Speaking to NL Times at the ICO Event Amsterdam on Wednesday, a number of ICO founders said they are interested in setting up shop in the country, and in bringing more jobs to the Netherlands. The event was attended by 400 people from a variety of industries, all interested in a burgeoning field that allowed organizations to raise over $3.6 billion in 2017 alone. Spotcoin hopes to raise $60 million with its own ICO. Based in the Eastern European country of Georgia, the company handles business to business high-value transactions of 25 thousand dollars or more. It is already in the process of setting up a Dutch firm to handle their ICO, CEO Timothy Gick said to NL Times. The ICO will generate operating capital that will "effectively establish a bank, a blockchain academy, and to fund mining operations."

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ChipIn 25/10/2017

On October 11, London hosted a specialized conference dedicated to token sales – ICO Event London. The conference was attended by approximately 250 people: investors, business owners, startup organizers, blockchain software and hardware manufacturers, as well as legal experts.

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ChipIn, 25/10/2017 12/10/2017

The future is much closer than we think. We made this conclusion today when visiting the international Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, which took place in Kyiv. There were three themes at the event: Financial, Development and Practical Experience in ICO. The conference hosted a software and hardware exhibition, were both new and already acknowledged business solutions were presented. 36 speakers talked about the future of cryptocurrency and all of them said that anything done on the blockchain cannot be changed or faked. All the information that goes there is there forever. This system will make everything in the world transparent – operation of banks, states and so on. It will change our world beyond belief in a very near future.

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On October 12, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev took place. We were there and we want to tell you about the most important stuff. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev gathered the crypto-crowd of Ukraine and even the CIS. We discussed latest blockchain developments, argued about ICO and pitched some projects. But we decided to focus on the benefits of blockchain for the country and tell you how it can make Ukraine better (and it really can).

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On September 7, first ever Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm was held in the capital of Sweden. The event united those whose business is connected to cryptocurrencies and blockchain development. It was visited by more than 350 participants, and 19 speakers from 13 countries gave their presentations. The conference was held at the Elite Hotel Marina Tower, a magnificent 19th century building near the city center. The hotel is known not only for its beautiful architecture and interior, but also for its high-level service. The event covered such topics as prospects and technical aspects of blockchain business implementation, legislative regulation of cryptocurrency in Sweden and the world in general as well as possibilities for investing in cryptocurrency crowdsales, mining and cybersecurity.

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On September 7, the capital of Sweden hosted Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference Stockholm for the first time. The event brought together owners of businesses related with cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based solutions. It was attended by more than 350 participants and 19 speakers from 13 countries. The conference took place at the Elite Hotel Marina Tower, the nineteenth century majestic building near the city center. The hotel is known not only by its wonderful architecture and interiors but also by a high-end service.

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The Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Prague 2017 took place on May 19, with attendees hearing from speakers on topics ranging from investing, mining, and regulation. The conference was held next to Vienna House in a hotel in the Andel district of the Czech capital. The area hosts a shopping centre with a bitcoin ATM and is across the river Vltava from the ‘old city.’ Here we detail some of the highlights from the event.

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On April 7-9, 2017, Kyiv hosted the annual exhibition and conference InnoTech Ukraine. The innovative event was held in the Expocenter of Ukraine. Despite the fact that the exhibition took place for the third time, it was my first visit. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw lots of Ukrainian developments the most interesting of which I will describe here. InnoTech 2017 participants demonstrated their developments in such spheres as robotics, healthcare and education. Several booths gave everyone an opportunity to dive into the world of virtual games which attracted plenty of people who wanted to play games or watch somebody else playing).

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Тиждень.ua 13/04/2017

3D printed cities, the Internet of Things, biotechnologies allowing people to regenerate bones, print organs or tissues, telemetry in healthcare, drones, turrets, robotics in manufacturing and daily life, artificial intelligence, etc. – these no longer belong to science fiction, it is our reality. The Internet, smartphones, tablets, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, cyberattacks and hackers – these things have become a part of our daily life. It is difficult to say whether it’s good or bad. More and more people are talking about the fourth industrial revolution which caused development and merging of automated manufacturing, data exchange and manufacturing technologies in a single self-regulated system with the smallest level of human interference (or its absence) in the process of production.

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Тиждень.ua, 13/04/2017
PaySpaceMagazine 29/03/2017

Today, the first conference exclusively dedicated to chatbots - ChatBot Conference - was held in Kyiv. Experts discussed full robot’s life cycle - prerequisites for creation, training and practical business application. Today, there are a lot of platforms that allow you to create bots. The only thing you need to consider before programming a robot is what problems it will solve and how it will interact with humans.

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PaySpaceMagazine, 29/03/2017
forklog 15/03/2017

On March 9, Tallinn hosted its first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, the large-scale conference dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development. The event became a large platform for entrepreneurs and developers not only from the Baltics but also from many other post-Soviet and European states. ForkLog editorial office has also sent its staff to the capital of Estonia and is ready to present its own report on the recent event.

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forklog, 15/03/2017
Обозреватель 13/09/2016

The first thing to mention is a big number of people. More than the previous time, even though I did not come in the very thick of it. The second thing, it was a bit hot probably because of the ventilation could not fully handle its task. Third – the cosplayers inside the building were even more. There was a feeling that at least every third visitor decided to put a bit of spice to clothes and about 10% really took things seriously.

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Обозреватель, 13/09/2016

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The conference dedicated to the issues of legalization of medical marijuana in Ukraine, its legal challenges and value for the healthcare. Event will feature presentations from the government entities representatives, lawyers, doctors, scientists and other experts