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The sixth epic VAPEXPO Moscow exhibition will take place in Russian capital

Publication date: 16 nov 2017

Cannot wait for the next VAPEXPO Moscow exhibition? The sixth epic vape event will take place at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center in Moscow on December 8-10! The guests will have three days to test thousands of e-liquids and devices, meet vaping enthusiasts, find right contacts for ...

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Why does vaping become extremely popular in Russia?

Publication date: 10 nov 2017

Vaping is one of industries rapidly growing each year, despite the fact that it has emerged relatively recently. This industry is quite popular in such countries as the USA, Russian Federation, China, and Malaysia as well as in European countries. The amount of vape manufacturers and vapers in ...

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Robotics Expo: the largest exhibition on robotics in the CIS

Publication date: 09 nov 2017

On November 25-26, for the fifth time, Smile-Expo will hold one of the most significant robotics event – Robotics Expo 2017. Visit the exhibition and plunge into the world of robots! This year, we’ve significantly expanded the range of exhibition activities. In addition to the ...

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Cryptocurrency in gambling and blockchain serving the government: Malta will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Publication date: 08 nov 2017

On December 7, Smile-Expo will hold Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta in Saint Julian's, a city located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. That is the first blockchain event in the country for our company and we are especially happy that not only the Maltese cryptocurrency community ...

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: how did the large-scale event go in Kyiv?

Publication date: 08 nov 2017

The large-scale international event dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain took place on October 12. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev is the fourth annual conference-exhibition held by Smile-Expo in the capital of Ukraine.     This year, about 1500 attendees visited ...

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus to discuss cryptocurrency legal regulation in Cyprus

Publication date: 07 nov 2017

Cyprus is the southmost point in the geography of Smile-Expo blockchain events. On November 30, we will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Limassol (Republic of Cyprus). The event key topic will be the cryptocurrency legal regulation in the country: such a relevant issue for Cyprus despite ...

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3D Print Expo 2017: the largest exhibition of additive technologies in the country!

Publication date: 27 oct 2017

October 13-14, Russia hosted the largest event in the industry of additive technologies. 3D Print Expo 2017 is already the 5th annual thematic exhibition and conference, held by Smile-Expo in the capital. This time, the event featured 19 conference speakers, more than 50 exhibitors and a fashion ...

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Review of Russian robotics market: trends and achievements

Publication date: 27 oct 2017

Robotic developments are used in the manufacturing, educational, military, space, and telecommunication sectors as well as in the service industry. In future, robots could take upon a lot of human routine activities as well as increase the efficiency of work at factories, in hospitals, hotels, and ...

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia: largest event in CIS dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Publication date: 27 oct 2017

On November 15-16, Smile-Expo for the sixth time will hold the largest CIS conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia. We invite everyone interested in cryptocurrency technologies, online business and investments, to visit our event! The event...

Smile Expo

ICO Event London thoroughly examines cryptocurrency tokens and profitable investments in these assets

Publication date: 24 oct 2017

On October 11, we held a specialized conference in London – ICO Event London. We aimed at bringing together those engaged in the ICO industry (Initial Coin Offering, a new type of cryptocurrency fund raising) or interested in exploring its certain aspects.        The ...

Upcoming exhibitions

Connected Car Summit 2017

November 21 2017

Two-day Summit, dedicated to the connected car industry, automobile navigating systems and all car-related technologies.

Robotics Expo 2017

25-26 of November 2017

Robotics Expo 2017 is the 5th International robotics and advanced technologies exhibition, which is the only international venue in Russia dedicated to the robotics industry.

ICO event Amsterdam

November 29 2017

International conference for investors and startup founders involved in ICO – the Initial Coin Offering. Experience of successful crowdsales, legislative regulation, forecasts and expert opinions.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus

November 30 2017

Technologies that change the world and bring millions of funds! Find out how to earn on cryptocurrencies and blockchain faster and more than your competitors.