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Exhibition of Gambling Solutions UGW by Smile-Expo: Why Is the Event Interesting?

Publication date: 14 feb 2020

Starting from the second quarter of 2019, Ukraine has been working on the development of new legislation that would regulate the gambling business. In October, a draft law on the legalization of gambling was filed to the Verkhovna Rada. January of 2020 was marked by the adoption of the elaborated ...

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Spring Events by Smile-Expo: Video Games Festival, Gambling Exhibition, Conferences on Workplace Wellness, Biohacking, and CPA Marketing

Publication date: 05 feb 2020

Exhibition of gambling services and products UGW 2020, two conferences about workplace wellness, and the sixth festival of geek and gaming culture WEGAME. What are some other events by Smile-Expo that you cannot miss this spring? Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference On March 5, Belarus will see ...

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W2 Conference Moscow – Event About Employee Well-Being and Success of the Business

Publication date: 31 jan 2020

On April 28, Smile-Expo will host the first w2 conference Moscow. Event will be dedicated to workplace wellness – improvement of the physical and mental health of employees on the workplace. What will the speakers talk about? We’ll discuss the development and implementation of...

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Smile-Expo Hosts the Sixth Festival of Gaming and Geek Culture WEGAME

Publication date: 27 jan 2020

On April 11-12, Smile-Expo will organize the sixth festival of gaming and geek culture called WEGAME at the Kyiv-based International Exhibition Centre. The event is growing in size year by year, attracting more and more industry-specific companies and game fans. WEGAME 6.0 will once again offer ...

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W2 conference Kyiv 2020: All About Building a Highly Efficient Team

Publication date: 20 jan 2020

On March 17, Kyiv will host w2 conference Kyiv 2020 dedicated to health improvement and maintenance at the workplace. The event will involve experienced specialists and employers from different sectors. They will reveal how to enhance staff productivity and create comfortable working conditions. ...

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The Draft Law On Legalization Of the Gambling Business In Ukraine Has Been Adopted In the First Reading

Publication date: 16 jan 2020

The bill No. 2285-d with amendments has been adopted in the first reading at the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on January 16, 2020. It means the official start of legal gambling business development in the country. 260 MPs have voted for permitting gambling activities in the territory ...

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Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference on Legalization of the Gambling Business in Ukraine: Event Results

Publication date: 26 dec 2019

On December 18, Smile-Expo held Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference. This major event was dedicated to gambling legalization issues in Ukraine. The event brought together foreign experts, representatives of Ukrainian government agencies, and heads of specialized associations. Speakers discussed ...

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Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020: Event on Efficient Ways of Health Optimization and Life Prolongation

Publication date: 19 dec 2019

The first Biohacking Conference Kyiv by Smile-Expo dedicated to the efficient methods of body upgrade and aging slowdown will take place on March 26, 2020. Speakers will include experienced doctors, well-known biohackers, and scientists. Experts will tell guests how to improve health, stay young,...

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Plenty of Feedback and Communication: Results of VAPEXPO Moscow 2019

Publication date: 13 dec 2019

On November 30 and December 1, Smile-Expo held the ninth VAPEXPO Moscow that immediately got a great deal of feedback on the Web. Both attendees and those who have not been to the exhibition have shared their impressions about the event. Well, let’s examine the actual outcome of the ...

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UGW 2020 and Other Gambling Events in Kyiv: How They Develop the Industry

Publication date: 05 dec 2019

The global gaming industry shows rapid growth: according to Coherent Market Insight, the gambling market volume will increase by 11.4 % by 2026. The emergence of new technologies and software affects industry development, providing companies with significant advantages over competitors. You can keep...

Upcoming exhibitions


November 4 2020

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020 At KiAC 2020, top affiliates and gambling operators will gather to discuss new strategies of cooperation and efficient tools for promoting the gambling venues.

Biohacking Conference Kyiv

November 11 2020

Biohacking Conference Kyiv is an event dedicated to innovative approaches for saving youth, optimizing health and reaching longevity.

Ukrainian Gaming Week

26-27 of November 2020

Learn about the latest insights into the Ukrainian and global gambling market. Meet experts and like-minded people at the largest industry exhibition in the country.

w2 conference Kyiv

December 9 2020

The conference is dedicated to workplace health. How to better understand each other and organize work in the office without chaos and stress.