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Biohacking Conference Kyiv: The Conference About Modern Approaches To Health Improvement

Publication date: 05 nov 2020

Biohacking Conference Kyiv: The Conference About Modern Approaches To Health Improvement

On November 11, Smile-Expo will organize the first Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020. Event will focus on the modern methods of health improvement.

Speakers and attendees

Conference speakers will include scientists, doctors, geneticists, biogerontologists, nutritionists, face fitness coaches, pathophysiologists and other specialists. They will unveil the secrets of improving physical and mental health, as well as provide their advice for prolonging life and reaching longevity. Practical presentations will allow to learn new insights and efficient methods of boosting your body and brain.

Speakers’ experience will be useful to people caring about their health and willing to control all systems in their bodies.

Event will be interesting to biohackers, healthy lifestyle advocates, naturopath, transhumanists and everyone who wants to become healthier, younger and more good-looking.

About the event program

Program of Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020: expert presentations, demo area with products for health and youth, workshops from the speakers, physical activity breaks and prize giveaways.

Topics to be discussed at the conference:

  • What is biohacking. Experts will share information on the peculiarities of biohacking and explain how it is different from the healthy lifestyle. We’ll also review key biohacking tools.
  • How to improve health using knowledge on DNA and RNA. Presentations will feature possibilities of CRISPR genome editing technology and the prospects of non-coding RNA. Speakers will tell about defining the product digestion parameters using DNA analysis.
  • The role of viruses and microbes in our life. Specialists will explain how microorganisms influence human brain, its immune system and life longevity. In addition, guests will find out about the possibility of existence of longevity microbes.
  • How to improve vision. The audience will get to know how emotions are expressed on the face and how face fitness can harmonize the internal and external image.
  • Improving psychological and mental health. Discover the ways of stimulating your brain productivity and methods of fighting stress. Meditation and its benefits for mental health will become a separate focus area.

Conference demo area will allow guests to learn about the products and high-tech devices designed for improving the immune system, recovery of energy, prevention of aging and reaching other goals.

Activities from the partners and speakers

At Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020, mindfulness coach Hlib Khodorovskyi will show the meditation techniques for relaxation and harmonizing the state of mind.

International face fitness expert Olena Rossoshynska will organize a workshop for face muscle gymnastics.

During the breaks, qualified trainers from the Doberman fitness club will host physical activity breaks. In addition, the sports club will give away subscriptions to gym, massage sessions and discounts on their services.

DOC.ua service will provide a gift to each attendee – a free online consultation with the physician.

Learn more about the program and event participants on the official website >>>

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