Biohacking Conference Kyiv: The Conference About Modern Approaches To Health Improvement

Publication date: 28 feb 2020

Biohacking Conference Kyiv: The Conference About Modern Approaches To Health Improvement

Biohacking Conference Kyiv, event about the health and its recovery organized by Smile-Expo will take place on March 26. It will focus on the innovative methods of body improvement, active lifestyle prolongation and prevention of aging. Speakers of the event will include worldwide-renowned biohackers, coaches, scientists and doctors.

Guests will find out how science and technology can help improve health today, get rid of chronic diseases, increase productivity and the quality of life. The conference will demonstrate the methods of the efficient skin renovation, stress resistance, as well as gadgets and products in the health segment.

Who will benefit from the event?

Experience of the speakers at Biohacking Conference Kyiv will become useful for people caring about their health and peculiarities of their body – enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, naturopaths, experienced and beginner biohackers.

Attendees will learn what is biohacking and what it is based on, and which innovations can upgrade body and mind without a harm. Practical activities will help to understand better the methods that will be discussed by the experts.

Speakers will make exciting presentations:

  • What is biohacking: experts will share the experience on this approach, defining its differences with the regular healthy lifestyle methods. We’ll compare biohacker’s body indexes with an average person.
  • How not to hurt your health trying to improve it? We’ll present the principles of an evidence-based healthcare benefiting wellbeing. Experts will tell about the reliable sources of the medical information and how to measure important indexes on your own.
  • Why sleep is important? Specialists will unveil how sleep influences the life activity, sharing advice on optimizing this process with modern tools and methods.
  • Health diagnostics. Focus on the importance of a timely control of the processes taking place inside the body. Experts will tell how to turn the intake of dietary supplements, vitamins and nootropics into an efficient and safe process.
  • Practical ways of body upgrade. We’ll also demonstrate the innovative implants for biohackers and devices used for control and improvement of health. Experts will present the extensive information about the program of custom exercises.
  • Psychological and mental health. Specialists will address the detailed practical methods of improving brain activity, memory, thinking. Meditation as a way to recover the psychological harmony will be a separate stream as well.

Activities from partners and speakers of the event:

  • The founder of the first professional face fitness center Elena Karkukli will organize a workshop in face and neck gymnastics that can preserve youth even at mature age.
  • Worldwide renowned Dutch biohacker Patrick Paumen will showcase the functioning of skin implants.
  • Mindfulness coach Hlib Khodorovskyi will present a meditation technique for relaxation and harmonizing the state of mind.

Program will also feature:

  • qualified sports coaches from CrossFit Banda who will teach guests the simple and efficient exercises for relaxation of spinal and neck muscles;
  • web portal and Klinika vyhodnoho dnya will draw two body checkup certificates (male and female);
  • Igtex fitness club will give away a one-month sports membership and a massage.

Biohacking Conference Kyiv attendees will learn the health optimization advice from the experts and will have a chance to talk to them in person.

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