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Anniversary Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: Malta to bring together crypto experts

Publication date: 20 aug 2018

Anniversary Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference: Malta to bring together crypto experts

On October 23, Smile-Expo will return to Malta in order to hold the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta, a major event dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The conference will be an anniversary event of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference series: we will bring together crypto experts to discuss technologies for the fiftieth time.    

Why are we coming back to Malta?

Malta is one of the top three countries actively developing blockchain. The state supports the technological progress: its parliament has prepared bills on regulating the cryptocurrency turnover and ICO launching.  

Besides, such major crypto exchanges as Binance and Okex are establishing their offices in Malta: the country has created favorable conditions for blockchain businesses.  

Conference goals and objectives 

The goal of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta is to unite blockchain experts from various industries. We invite specialists from top companies and different countries in order to acquaint our attendees with the blockchain community and share relevant information and recent solutions. 

We aim to design a platform for sharing experience, obtaining new knowledge, and establishing partnership between companies.

What can attendees expect?


The conference will involve 50 experts who will talk about blockchain technology and its application. Specialists will explain how blockchain is used in education as well as reveal the rules of the AML policy and cryptocurrency trading secrets.   

Not only will speakers discuss the financial sector where blockchain can be useful, but they will also focus on the ways of applying the technology in the gambling industry, healthcare, real property, transportation, and AI. Experts will present case studies and reveal the advantages of technology.    

Besides, we are allocating time for networking so that participants and attendees will be able to get to know each other, establish business relations, and discuss possible partnership.   

Panel discussions

The conference will feature 5 panel discussions:

  • Blockchain and IoT. Speakers will explain the connection between blockchain and the Internet of Things, analyze positive aspects of the interaction between two sectors, and discuss its results.      
  • The World gets tokenized. During the discussion, experts will examine how blockchain changes business operations. They will tell guests how companies are shifting to blockchain technology and share information about new opportunities for enterprises.
  • Tales and adventures of blockchain hacking. Discussion participants will figure out why blockchain attracts hackers, analyze types of attacks, and focus on typical tracks of the crypto industry.
  • ICOs: Opportunity or Threat? Regulation of blockchain and ICOs. Talking about ICOs, specialists will reveal Malta’s attitude to the initial coin offering and examine three new bills on crowd funding regulation.   
  • Blockchain regulation. Speakers will review the GDPR rules as well as compare cryptocurrency taxation in Malta, Switzerland, and the USA.   

Exhibition area and pitch session

The event will feature an exhibition area with stands of well-known companies and startups engaged in the blockchain industry. Guests will be able to see the latest solutions and innovative ideas: from mining equipment to new software.

Moreover, we will hold a pitch session with exhibitors. It will allow each startup to introduce its activity and future plans. This is a perfect chance for companies to present themselves to potential partners and for investors – a good way to find a promising startup.    

The event program and details can be found on the website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta.

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