W2 conference Moscow: Staff Health as a Key to Company Success and Profitability

Publication date: 06 mar 2020

W2 conference Moscow: Staff Health as a Key to Company Success and Profitability

On April 28, Russia will host w2 conference Moscow, an event dedicated to workplace wellness human resources. Speakers will talk about the efficient ways of personnel health improvement and its impact on businesses.

Event speakers

The conference will involve experienced executives, reputed HR managers, financial literacy experts, representatives of corporate event organization companies and other industry experts.

  • Stanislav Skakun: CEO at Biodata, a company engaged in development of corporate check-ups and medical information storing.
  • Sergey Shuklin: CEO at REINFO organizing corporate tourism events.
  • Sergey Makarov: Deputy Director at National Center for Financial Literacy, an independent financial and investment advisor.
  • Elena Lutsenko: Manager of HR brand development at QIWI, a company providing employees with wide advancement and self-realization opportunities.
  • Alena Angelcheva: a business coach in customer service and HR strategies and a corporate culture development specialist.

You can examine the full list of speakers and their presentations on the event official website.

Key topics of the conference

W2 conference Moscow will allow to assess the methods for increasing personnel health and motivation as well as business revenues. Speakers will analyze the workplace wellness concept, its application and the impact of staff well-being on company performance.

The program is divided into four blocks:

  • Physical Health aimed at reviewing tools for employee healthcare and healthy lifestyle promotion;
  • Mental Health dedicated to a level of stress resistance in the team and the importance of mental health;
  • Financial Wellbeing discussing the advantages of financial prosperity of workers and measurement of workplace wellness efficiency of employees and the organization;
  • Social Wellbeing focused on team relations and business efficiency as well as corporate social interaction best practices.

Speakers will introduce case studies of successful implementation of WW programs and highlight parameters allowing to estimate their outcome.

Target audience

The event will be interesting and useful to representatives of various professions and areas:

  • business owners;
  • CEOs;
  • top managers;
  • HR specialists;
  • business coaches etc.


The specialized event, w2 conference Moscow, will take place at Technopolis Moscow Congress Center on April 28.

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