W2 conference Kyiv 2020: All About Building a Highly Efficient Team

Publication date: 20 jan 2020

W2 conference Kyiv 2020: All About Building a Highly Efficient Team

On March 17, Kyiv will host w2 conference Kyiv 2020 dedicated to health improvement and maintenance at the workplace.

The event will involve experienced specialists and employers from different sectors. They will reveal how to enhance staff productivity and create comfortable working conditions. Speakers will give tips on establishing corporate well-being, developing the potential of personnel, and increasing business performance.

Guests will be able to enjoy interactive lectures and practical lessons.

Target audience

The Workplace Wellness event will be interesting to business owners striving to form efficient teams. Executives will obtain useful knowledge about proper interaction with employees to make them show great results.

The event is also aimed at HR managers. They will discover the latest trends in company development and staff management. Psychologists, business coaches, and other experts working with people will realize how to advance the organization’s social climate and boost a corporate spirit.

Everyone desiring to climb the career ladder, learn how to manage human resources, and successfully solve tasks of diverse complexity will benefit from the conference.

Event program

The program consists of three presentation blocks.

  • Financial and social well-being. Experts will talk about the interaction between wages and productivity of employees. They will analyze the reasons for establishing harmonious communication within the company and provide tips on improving relations between team members.
  • Mental health. Professionals will explain how to minimize stress situations at work.
  • Physical well-being. Speakers will focus on staff health enhancement and the development of their personal resources.

Presentation topics

Experts will make presentations on the following topics.

  • An appropriate approach to goal setting and delegation of authorities.
  • How to implement efficient corporate training for personnel.
  • Methods of facilitating team communications.
  • How to reduce stress, prevent job burnout, and relieve employees from tiredness at the workplace.
  • Advice on arranging a comfortable office environment and a healthy working atmosphere.
  • Staff health optimization measures and health insurance.
  • Corporate sports in order to elevate personnel motivation.

Attend the event and find out how to become more productive and gain better business performance.

You can examine the program and the list of participants
on the official website of the conference ►►►

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