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Vaping in Russia

Publication date: 17 may 2017

Vaping in Russia

One of the youngest grand-scale markets is vaping. Countries where this industry is rapidly developing include the USA, China, Russia, Malaysia, and European countries.       
Currently, the Russian vape market is extremely growing. In 2015, Russia was one of seven countries, accounting for 3/4 of the global vape industry.

In 2016, the volume of the Russian vape market was estimated at 317 million dollars by BIS Research.  

Talking about the amount of vape shops, the Internet offers more than thousands of links to websites of various land-based and online vape stores, vape bars, and even vape show rooms.  
Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the most vape active Russian cities. Besides the fact that official and cultural capitals have the greatest amount of vape shops in the country, industry exhibitions for all vaping followers take place there quite often as well.

Russia’s most large-scale annual exhibition aimed at the vape industry is VAPEXPO Moscow organized by Smile-Expo. The organizer actively participates in vape culture development, bringing together hundreds of major market players, popular manufacturers of vaping devices and e-cigs, well-known vape bloggers, professional cloud chasers, and thousands of vape community representatives on its platforms.    

The next VAPEXPO Moscow will take place on June 16-18 in Moscow. The main goal of the event is to engage more people in the vape culture, show how huge the Russian vape market is, and make participants aware of high-quality vaping products from global manufacturers.   

VAPEXPO Moscow is a unique opportunity to experience vaping atmosphere of vape community in full within three days.

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