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VAPEXPO Kiev 2018: how Smile-Expo held updated vape event

Publication date: 14 may 2018

VAPEXPO Kiev 2018: how Smile-Expo held updated vape event

New stuff from favorite brand: results of VAPEXPO Kiev 2018 by Smile-Expo     

On April 14-15, Smile-Expo held a major vape exhibition – VAPEXPO Kiev 2018 – at Kyiv-based International Exhibition Centre. It became special for our company because of being an anniversary event for all connoisseurs of dense and tasty vapor!    


Two years have passed since the first exhibition. During this period, we brought together more than 10 000 vaping adherents, increased its area twice, spent $30 000 for prizes, and entered the Guinness World Records.     

Our fifth exhibition united over 30 companies from France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Besides, it was the first time that three Turkish manufacturers joined the Ukrainian market: Kaniza Vape, The Collection, and Gulf Puff. According to a representative of the first company, the vaping industry is growing quite rapidly in Ukraine, thus they’ve decided to get used to our market.   

Ukrainian companies also had something to impress the guests. Monster Flavor developed an e-liquid line called The Interviewer in collaboration with the presenter Anatoly Anatolich and introduced it at our exhibition. By the way, the guys gave new products away from the VAPEXPO main stage.

Another exclusive thing was the presentation of the first printed magazine titled VapeReality with 160 pages of useful content about vaping and not only.   

This time, everyone could become a vape monopolist: one of the participants was Vape Monopoly, a company creating the first vape table game. The company’s stand allowed attendees to play it and check their vape business skills.      

Main stage and show

We didn’t forget about an entertainment program as well.

Besides traditional World Series of Vaping (WSOV) and Coil Build Contest, we organized a new battle – Trick Contest! Instead of the show involving professional vape trickers, we decided to detect talents among attendees by providing them with a chance to show their skills on the stage and receive amazing prizes. As the results, winners obtained gifts from sponsors and $300 certificates!        

Moreover, we changed a voting procedure of the Vape Awards ceremony. Attendees determined the best ones by tasting various flavors at the exhibition! Do you want to know the names of top participants according to attendees and the numbers of e-juices? The results are available here!       

The full information about the anniversary event can be found on the website in the Results section.

We would like to express gratitude to everyone who assisted in holding the event at such a high level, and primarily:

  • General Media Partner: VapeReality;
  • Show Program partner: Monster Flavor;
  • Lounge Zone Partner: YoVape;
  • Gift partner: DRIPLAND;

and, of course, to our attendees.

We will see you pretty soon in Moscow! Discover details on the official website of VAPEXPO Moscow 2018.

Till next time!

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