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Results of Saint Petersburg’s first vape exhibition organized by Smile-Expo – VAPEXPO SPb

Publication date: 21 mar 2017

Results of Saint Petersburg’s first vape exhibition organized by Smile-Expo – VAPEXPO SPb

The geography of vape events organized by Smile-Expo was indeed expanded! On March 4-5, Lenexpo exhibition complex in Saint Petersburg hosted the largest exhibition of vape products – VAPEXPO SPb!

Smile-Expo has been successfully holding large-scale B2B events for 11 years. We have managed to approve ourselves especially well in the vaping industry. Since 2015, we have travelled all over a half of Europe, gaining experience, and arrived to the City on the Neva River in order to arrange a real vapor festival for citizens. And we made this gift for 2000 people attended VAPEXPO SPb within two days!

There were a lot of interesting activities during these two days

Let’s begin with the major one: VAPEXPO SPb exhibition. We can easily refer it to the international exhibition, because it involved a lot of companies, including US and Chinese ones. Our guests tested a plenty of devices and tasted a flood of e-juices!

Due to the varied show program, the main stage of VAPEXPO did not come down to the bitter end.

We organized even two cloud chasing competitions: hard Cloud Contest and freer Unlimited Cloud Contest. Winners obtained not only the general recognition but also 40 000 RUB for the first place and 20 000 for the second place!

And there was more. We decided to encourage the champion with the right to reach immediately the semifinal of the world cloud chasing tournament called World Series of Vaping to be held at fifth VAPEXPO Moscow (June 16-18)!

Besides cloud contests, we also organized Vape Tricks Battle, allowing trickers to show their skills in blowing vapor clouds. The battle was judged by the guys from Nickvapeteam who showed super tricks at Vape Tricks Show the previous day.

VAPEXPO stage included not only thematic activities but also the following:

  • beautiful and flexible dancers impressed guests with Dance Show;
  • TRUNK beatboxer showed his skills;
  • popular Russian rapper Rekket presented his snappy beats;
  • DJ Mad Limp and MC Borisvape kept vape event atmosphere.

We did not forget about tutorial vaping aspects and conducted master classes involved real professionals. So, Alexander Chuprun, managing partner at GooVape, revealed secrets and tricks of DIY e-juices, while Yuriy Vishnevskiy, mixologist at Russian E-Liquid Lab, shared life hacks on creating premium e-liquids at home.

Obviously, the event also included drawings and vape quests. For instance, Happy Vaper and MANA held the contest on guessing e-liquids and Moscow Vape CustΩm Shop drew branded mods among participants.

Traditionally, cool giveaways were thrown from the stage and overjoyed hundreds of vapers.

And while Saint Petersburg vapers were grooving on at VAPEXPO SPb, Ukrainian capital was also having a good time, as we simultaneously held one more international vape exhibition – VAPEXPO Kiev 2017!

So, parties are over. And now, let’s take a little time off and keep vaping in a month:

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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