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London will host the first Smile-Expo event, dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency

Publication date: 29 sep 2017

London will host the first Smile-Expo event, dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency

Soon, on October 11, there will be a conference of a new series: ICO event London. This is the first our blockchain event in the capital of Great Britain. It is dedicated to Initial Coin Offering (ICO): a modern way of investing related to the cryptocurrency.

London is a center of the most advanced financial technologies, and the United Kingdom is a state friendly to bitcoin and blockchain. Therefore, we are sure that the event will spark interest of the business community.

The process of attracting cryptocurrency financing is widely discussed and disputed around the world. This is a technological and fast way to get funds from investors, yet questionable according to the law. In different countries, cryptocurrency assets (tokens) have different status, and financial regulators have different attitude to ICO.

The UK government understands a great potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies application: there are state blockchain projects (such as a platform for the social assistance distribution), a regulatory ‘sandbox’ for blockchain startups, bitcoins can be used to pay for goods and services of various companies, and many large corporations considers the implementation of blockchain in the near future.

But the situation with cryptocurrency crowdsales is quite ambivalent. The country's financial regulators haven’t officially approved the status of cryptocurrency tokens and warn citizens of the high risks associated with investing in ICO.

Therefore, for investors and companies wishing to attract funds for their business, it is important to see broad picture and understand all the pitfalls. Conferences of the ICO event series give them the opportunity to learn the latest industry analytics, expert opinions and study the experience of companies that have successfully carried out crowdsales.

Key topics of the conference:

  • ICO in the context of global economy. What will happen next?
  • Legislative regulation of cryptocurrency crowdsales.
  • Comparison of ICO and venture capital.
  • Successful crowdsales: development, promotion, search for investors.
  • Project development after the ICO.

Our event is focused on those, for whom cryptocurrency is a part of the business: representatives of development companies and startups, investors, consultants and lawyers specializing in FinTech, ICO and cryptocurrency.

Along with the conference in London, the event network also includes ICO event Amsterdam (November 29) and ICO event Moscow (September 22).

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