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Online marketing trends in Russia. Where to discover more?

Publication date: 26 jul 2017

Online marketing trends in Russia. Where to discover more?

Affiliate marketing is inseparable from online marketing. In 2017, Russia’s online marketing faces trends and changes, significantly influencing affiliate one.      

Common trends 

Google outran Yandex. According to statistics provided by TNS Web Index, Google outran Yandex in terms of total reach of users. The amount of people who used Google application at least once per month, either desktop or mobile version, was 20.5 million. Yandex was visited by 20.4 million users.               

Competition growth. Business society more and more frequently use the Internet as a promotion platform. This fact has led to the growth of online advertising volume. In turn, it has influenced the way users respond to it. Currently, it is more complicated to promote and sell your own goods because of competition.     

Classic marketing’s role is growing. The online marketing industry is relatively new. Higher educational institutions have included this aspect to the educational program only recently. But the Internet audience became so enormous that it started applying traditional marketing laws. One should be aware of these laws in order to learn online marketing.        

Technological trends 

Popularity of messengers. They turned from common means of communication into real marketing tools designed not just for B2C but also for B2B sector. Viber and Telegram became separate communication channels for advertisers and customers.        

Video advertising. This form of online advertising keeps gathering pace. Nowadays, there are a lot of services, allowing to track its efficiency. It makes the video form quite a popular tool. The increasing cost of advertising among video bloggers is the evidence of this fact.   

Legislative trends 

De-anonymization. Today, it is impossible to apply the notorious Yarovaya package because of technical and financial limitations, but the first steps have been already done. There are a lot of ways to identify a user now. Subsequently, one won’t be able to work on the Internet anonymously. 

Disappearance of foreign platforms. The government is strongly committed to control the purchase sector in foreign online shops. Significant toughening of customs legislation is coming, which will lead to closing of numerous foreign platforms.  


Talking about the future of online marketing in Russia, it can be highly likely predicted based on the US development trends of the similar area, such as:   

  • CRM;
  • marketing automation;
  • analytics;
  • platforms for sharing users’ data (DMP and CDP).  

Analytics and CRM are familiar to Russian online marketing specialists. In 2012, the Russian CRM market has become the most rapidly growing one in Eastern Europe. It is 2012 when Smile-Expo started holding our RACE conference dedicated to marketing. Since then, RACE has become an annual event, encouraging marketing development in Russia.         

This year, the RACE conference will be dedicated to affiliate marketing. It will be a platform for meetings between Russian and foreign world-class experts. Everyone interested in this topic can obtain not only theoretical but also practical knowledge related with developing your own business on the Internet.   

RACE 2017 will take place on October 4-5 in Moscow Sokolniki ECC. The registration for the event is already available.

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