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Smile-Expo will hold InSpace Forum in Moscow for the third time

Publication date: 28 feb 2018

Smile-Expo will hold InSpace Forum in Moscow for the third time

On March 21, we will hold the third international conference-exhibition InSpace Forum 2018, dedicated to commercial space exploration and innovative technologies in space industry.

The goal of the event is to promote development of space industry in Russia and create a platform for communication between private space companies and the state.

Why in Russia?

Space is a fundamentally important field for Russia. In 2017 alone, there were 19 orbital space launches of Russian carrier rockets. The number of such startups is bigger only in the USA. And even more launches of Russian rockets are planned for 2018. And if we take into account suborbital launches of the Russian Federation in 2017, the total number of launches will equal 29.

Russian carrier rockets of the Soyuz and Proton families are also popular with foreign customers. In July, the Soyuz-2.1a/Fregat-M rocket launched a record for the Russian Federation number of satellites - 72, of which 67 were foreign.

This indicates a high level of development of the space industry in the country and the fact that other countries trust Russian technology.

What to expect from InSpace Forum 2018?

The conference will be held in two streams:

• Commercial space exploration. Private space companies representatives will gather to discuss the development of space tourism and the specifics of business cooperating with the state. Specific cases of Russian companies entering the international space market will be analyzed. The topic of new technologies in the space industry will be discussed separately.

• UAV - a stream dedicated to commercial use of drones. Speakers will discuss how to use them in precision agriculture, mining, construction, cartography, cargo delivery and civil engineering.

Heads of private companies in space industry, managers of high-tech funds, heads of scientific laboratories, lawyers and representatives of insurance companies dealing with space risks will give presentations.

At the exhibition, the companies will present software, drones, high-tech devices, as well as space industry services.

The event is intended not only for specialists in the space industry, but also for developers, engineers, businesspeople and space enthusiasts.

Register to InSpace Forum 2018 and we’ll see you on March 21, in the Golden Ring conference hall in Moscow!

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