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Smile-Expo gathers blockchain experts from six countries in Malta

Publication date: 27 nov 2017

Smile-Expo gathers blockchain experts from six countries in Malta

In just a week, on December 7, the first blockchain conference of Smile-Expo in Malta – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will start in St. Julian's! This is one of the southernmost locations for our events in 2017.

The conference will feature 15 speakers from different countries, including lawyers, economists, financial analysts and founders of successful blockchain companies, as well as representatives of the Maltese parliament.

BBC Malta will provide a floor for foreign experts from the UK, Germany, Spain, the United States, Russia. This will provide the conference participants with an opportunity to learn the best practices of different countries regarding bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Key topics of the reports:

• blockchain application trends in the world: Internet of Things, gambling, finance;

• the past and future of the digital currency, its application prospects;

• ICO as a way of investing: opportunities and features;

• legal regulation of the fintech sector in different countries;

• development of blockchain-based solutions: practical experience.

Among the most prominent speakers who have announced non-standard topics of the reports are Silvio Schembri (representative of the parliament, who will deliver a welcoming speech and a report on the current situation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Malta); Patrick Young (fintech expert, presenting a report on the revolutionary significance of blockchain); Max Krupyshev (co-founder of the Cubits blockchain company, who will talk about the anonymity of bitcoin and why special services are interested in the technology); Loui Mercieca (Software Architect, who will explain the practical issues of software development using Ethereum platform).

St. Julian's is a coastal city of Malta, located on the east coast. This is one of the largest resorts in the country, the center of tourism and gambling. The conference will be held in the luxurious hotel InterContinental Malta. We aim to create a comfortable atmosphere for business communication, exchange of experience and gaining new knowledge.

Malta is one of the countries that are friendly to the blockchain: it is gradually implementing a national blockchain strategy, which will include the integration of the technology into the public sector and the development of the digital economy of the island. Our conference is designed to unite the state and business and to address the challenges caused by the blockchain application today.

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