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Quantum Technology Conference 2018 will feature innovations of the sphere

Publication date: 21 feb 2018

Quantum Technology Conference 2018 will feature innovations of the sphere

On March 1, Moscow will host the first Russian conference on prospective projects and quantum technologies monetization.

The forum participants will discuss the application of quantum technologies, tasks of quantum communication and cryptography, quantum simulation: transformations in chemistry, biology, and pharmacy.

The key purpose of the forum lies in establishing the ways of quantum technologies development in Russia until 2025. Representatives of governmental bodies and funds, heads of development, developers as well as investors have been invited to fulfill this task.

The conference will hold five panel discussions dedicated to the practical application of quantum technology products in business, science, education, and healthcare. Its main topic is a targeted use of quantum physics developments.

The conference program

  • volume and prospects of the quantum technology market. Analytics and graphs;
  • talent and technical capacity of Russia. Unusual products and international experience;
  • technologies supply and demand: how to be beneficial and get investments;
  • how to build a quantum computer and the nature of quantum simulation;
  • how will it change chemistry, biology, and pharmacy in spite of a high price and complexity of technologies;
  • how to reveal the secrets of others and keep your own ones. Cyber security for the state and business.

In the second half of the XX century, we had the Space Race, and today – Quantum: the European Commission has allocated €1 bn for quantum technologies researches, a quantum computer has been developed in the UK, China has announced the launch of a commercial quantum network.

Quantum calculations attract with the speed and accuracy, possibilities and advantages over rivals. The prototypes will be presented and become a reality just in 5-10 years, which reminds of the appearance of electricity and the Internet. The pioneers of this market will go down in history like Tesla and Apple. These companies will get a tremendous advantage both in economics and cyber security.

'Quantum computer is able to immediately resolve complex tasks as well as process big data. However, it is still a conception. Our ambition is conduction of related forums in order to receive the final product. When representatives of business, governmental segment as well as scientists and developers with common goals come together and make a decision – it gins up the progress in the sphere,’ noted Head of Quantum Technology Conference Alina Toderenchuk.

Follow the link to register for the event: Quantum Technology Conference.

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