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AI case studies at Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018

Publication date: 05 mar 2018

AI case studies at Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018

In 2018, it is blockchain, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence that will keep determining the digital environment. AI is entering everyday routine, healthcare, and businesses.

Not only do enterprises integrating artificial intelligence technologies invest in their own future, but they are also earning and saving huge sums of money.          

We are holding Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 to make businesses more efficient. 

The conference dedicated to artificial intelligence technologies will take place on April 19 in Moscow. The event will allow to discover how to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing, sales, security, marketing, and service using AI. The conference will involve such artificial intelligence gurus as owners of major companies, engineers, researchers, and scientists.    

2017 was full of significant events in this area: the Libratus bot outplayed the world’s best poker players, machine learning helped to improve yields and expand the access to healthcare services for citizens.     

Besides, previous year, the VisionLabs facial recognition technology was integrated into the Pochta Bank network. The economic effect is estimated at hundreds of millions of RUB; the amount of fraud attempts was significantly reduced; the level of information protection was increased.       

Moreover, artificial intelligence is being integrated into self-driving cars and enterprise automation systems. Therefore, one has developed company’s subsidiary called Ubisoft La Forge, which solutions will allow to design more realistic games.   

AI technologies are also actively integrated in healthcare. In the end of 2017, members of the University of Melbourne and IBM Research Australia used deep learning systems to analyze the activity of patients suffering from epilepsy and accurately predict possible epileptic seizures.      

Currently, scientists are striving for training machines in common sense basis: Facebook researchers are teaching programs to understand the real world using video clips; Microsoft solutions, from collecting surveillance camera smart data to automatic generation of photo tags, are able to replace the whole team of highly skilled developers.     

Dmitry Soshnikov, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft will discuss in detail Microsoft solutions at Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018. Dmitry Babaev will talk about neural networks, and Eduard Segal will reveal the role of artificial intelligence in mass medicine of the postgenomic age. The conference will also cover a range of other issues related to the application of artificial intelligence. 

To discover all of this, register to Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018

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