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Why does vaping become extremely popular in Russia?

Publication date: 30 oct 2017

Why does vaping become extremely popular in Russia?

Vaping is one of industries rapidly growing each year, despite the fact that it has emerged relatively recently. This industry is quite popular in such countries as the USA, Russian Federation, China, and Malaysia as well as in European countries.

The amount of vape manufacturers and vapers in Russia increases year by year. For instance, in 2015, the Russian Federation was included to the top 7 countries covering 75% of the global vaping market. In 2016, the number of Russian vapers became even bigger: 1.5 million people.

Throughout 2017, more than one thousand people joined this industry, leading to the establishment of dozens of new vape shops. Therefore, there is no doubt that this trend will keep developing in future.

One of special niches of this sector is vape events. There are various types of them: exhibitions, conferences and competitions. Smile-Expo, as an organizer of the largest exhibitions in Russia and the CIS countries, has combined these three aspects in one project called VAPEXPO.

Our events bring together well-known manufacturers and newcomers, experienced vapers and those who are just exploring this culture. We see the increasing interest to vaping, and our events are aimed at enhancing it. According to many people, they are one of the best ways to join the vaping community.

Within 2017, we have held two vape exhibitions in Kyiv and another four in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odesa and Prague. The final exhibition of this year is VAPEXPO Moscow. It will take place on December 8-10 in Moscow at Sokolniki ECC. In 2018, we will open a season of vape events with VAPEXPO Kiev on April 14-15!

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