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Why does Smile-Expo organize Robotics Expo?

Publication date: 21 oct 2016

Why does Smile-Expo organize Robotics Expo?

Smile-Expo always focuses on relevant modern business areas. The annual Robotics Expo is not an exception. Progressive robotics developments are used in the military industry, space sector, at manufacturing site, for education, customer services, etc.

This area is quite rapidly developing in Russia and today is one of the most priority sectors for investors.         

About robotics industry development in Russia

Within 20 years, robotics has been developed in Russia only by enthusiasts. As the result, a lot of scientific works are partially lost and the educational background that has been established even before the stagnant period is destroyed. However, as soon as the West started actively investing in robots, Russian investors also decided to follow the prospective trend and started investing in interesting startups.       

Nowadays, though Russia is not included into the industry leaders, it is actively aiming at this goal and can already boast unique solutions.  

Impressive achievements of Russian developers include reliable and powerful fighting robots designed for certain tasks. In particular, multifunctional Uranus 9 robot equipped with a machine gun, anti-tank missile and anti-air gun vehicle can independently move across the irregular terrain and conduct certain military missions. It has no analogues in the world and has been already army accepted by the Russian Army.             

Besides, Russian Federation specialists have designed Gnom underwater robot that can monitor national boundaries and littoral zone, Shooter machine gun robot, Platform-M complex for reconnaissance, military robotic system, and Uranus 6 antimine robot. One of novelties that will soon enter service with the Army is Specialist robot. It can neutralize blind shell, work in dangerous conditions and, using certain equipment, extricate casualties from battle areas.                  

Recently, Russian Advanced Research Foundation has completed the development of the first Russian Fedor robonaut that will help astronauts on manned spaceships. The anthropomorphic vehicle can conduct various tasks and doesn’t lose balance unlike foreign analogues.         

It is quite possible that robots will help soon not only astronauts but also replace teachers in school. So, recently in Kazan IT Lyceum, EVA robot teacher has given computer sciences lesson. Actually, the first lesson has involved a traditional teacher, but in future the robot will give lessons on its own. By the way, the mechanical teacher looked like well-known character of WALL-E movie.           

At the same time, Krasnodar airport is going to use robotized drones to inspect the condition of the flight strip. Interestingly, it was students presenting their developments within Airbot all-Russian competition that offered to implement intelligent robotic systems.

Robotics Expo  Robotics Expo  Robotics Expo

Robotics Expo 2016

Thus, the robotics industry is rapidly gathering pace in Russia. All of the latest industry developments will be presented at Robotics Expo 2016 that will take place on 4-6 November at Sokolniki ECC. The event will include a large-scale exhibition, thematic business conference, Speed Dealing meeting of investors and startups, workshops for kids, spectacular robot wars, demonstration of fighting transformers, and many other things. The event intended not only for big investors, businesspeople, and developers, but also for students and school children. One can attend it with family members in order to dip into the majestic world of future.          

Come! Register for Robotics Expo following the link:

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