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Why does Smile-Expo organize AR Conference with exhibition?

Publication date: 21 dec 2016

Why does Smile-Expo organize AR Conference with exhibition?

We, the team of Smile-Expo event company, keep a close eye on the development of world trends and innovations. Augmented and virtual reality technologies are rapidly developing. Our task is to implement them on the Russian market timely and topically.

It is an open secret that AR/VR technologies are prospective and high developing industry. Such world technological giants as Google, Sony, Samsung, HTC and Valve are already working hard in the industry, and Microsoft will bring its product to the mass market soon.

But this was not always the case. One referred to these technologies doubtingly and didn’t take them seriously, predicting the destiny of 3D TVs.

A bit of history

AR/VR technologies have decades of history. Early device versions started appearing in the 1930s. Nevertheless, they were not really successful technologically and financially.

New AR/VR history began in 2012. It was that year when Google Glass headset entered the market and Oculus startup crowdfunding successfully came to an end on Kickstarter platform.

The next significant industry growth was in 2014 when simple and available Google Cardboard headset entered the world market. It took some time when augmented and virtual reality technologies attracted attention of the wide audience in Russia, but it was this year that became a landmark for domestic industry.

In 2014, Smile-Expo held the only one industry event by that time dedicated to augmented reality technology – AR Conference. The conference included presentations of two dozen speakers.

In 2016, VR/AR technology market was especially active. Four big VR platforms were launched at once: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Google Daydream. Another development that will change the technology concept on the market is Microsoft HoloLens AR headset.

This year, Smile-Expo held AR Conference, the exhibition and conference, twice. We organized the event at the beginning and the end of the year in order to embrace changes of the world market as much as possible and make a forecast for 2017.

Photos of AR Conference 2016 (November)

AR conference  AR conference  AR conference

Future plans

We are going to keep assisting in the development of Russia AR/VR industry and actively participate in its further establishment. Smile-Expo cooperates with Russian developers; therefore we know that the domestic market is as prospective as foreign one. In 2017, we will hold the next event in order to provide Russian industry representatives with an efficient platform for meetings and development.

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