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From Malta to Kazakhstan: Smile-Expo expands the geography of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Publication date: 11 aug 2017

From Malta to Kazakhstan: Smile-Expo expands the geography of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a cycle of industry-specific conferences dedicated to decentralized technologies. Smile-Expo has been holding such events in different cities for more than three years, offering a relevant and intense program each time.

The demand for information on everything related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is increasing. The following trends have been common for the industry since 2014:

  • cryptocurrency market capitalization has exceeded $100 billion and keeps growing;
  • blockchain is integrated in the governmental projects in a number of countries, including Russia;
  • cryptocurrencies are accepted for payments by large sales networks in Japan, the USA, and some other countries;
  • Internet users search for information on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies 30% more often in 2017 than in 2013.

A growing number of developers and business representatives are getting interested in blockchain as a software development field and cryptocurrencies as an investment method. But many aspects of the industry remain complicated: the technical side, legislative regulation, financial issues, trends and prospects. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences are intended to provide comprehensive and objective information. Smile-Expo organizes them in various countries, in the cities with the largest audiences.

In Russia:

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia (Moscow). The largest conference in Russia, dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For businessmen and investors: burning issues of business, legal regulation, finance. It has been held annually since 2014; will take place on November 15-16.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference St. Petersburg. Event in the northern capital of Russia, dedicated to innovative blockchain technology and related business areas. It has been held annually since 2014; took place on June 22.

In the CIS countries:

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Almaty (Kazakhstan). Analysis of the current state of Fintech, Govtech, banking systems, media, and development prospects of these fields, featuring keynote experts.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev (Ukraine). Event for blockchain enthusiasts engaged in business and government, ready to develop the promising high-tech industry. It has been held since 2014; will take place on October 12.

In Europe:

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague (the Czech Republic). Conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in the heart of Europe. It has been held since 2015; took place on May 19.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn (Estonia). Event for those ready to make money from innovations today, not waiting until they become something ordinary. It took place for the first time on March 9, 2017.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm (Sweden). Event that reveals the potential of blockchain application in the financial and social sectors. It will take place for the first time on September 7, 2017.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta (Valletta). The event focuses on the development of blockchain-based IT projects and clarification of difficulties in the legislative regulation of the fintech sector in the field of cryptocurrencies in Europe and Malta. It will take place for the first time on September 7, 2017.

Smile-Expo wants to get closer to the audience. Therefore, we are expanding the geography of events. Follow the news: other new cities to host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference events will be announced soon!

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