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3D printing in Russia. Situation on the market

Publication date: 27 sep 2017

3D printing in Russia. Situation on the market

The market of 3D technologies is developing more dynamically with every year. Researchers of large technological universities and enthusiastic developers of the majority of countries are actively creating more and more advanced models of three-dimensional scanners, printers, and materials for 3D printing.

Russia is not an exception. New domestic devices are regularly released in the market, factories are built, producing materials for 3D printing. This year, even more companies have been opened, which independently provide 3D printing services or sell and maintain special-purpose equipment.

Significantly, the trend is common not only for the capital, new products are developed throughout the Russian Federation. Only this summer, three unique 3D printers were launched in the Russian market, providing a strong competition to foreign analogues.

Key new products of the Russian 3D printing market in summer 2017

In Saint Petersburg, LAR-Tech company has announced the country’s first budget SLM printer called LAR P. This device is intended for small and medium size businesses. It combines the high quality of printing, comparable with industrial samples, and the price of up to 10 million rubles.

In Yaroslavl, a FDM printer Begemot was developed, which prints large-size plastic products. Developers of SPECAVIA paid special attention to high accuracy and quality of printing, achieved thanks to the heated segmented platform and rail linear guides. It costs 1.46 million rubles.

In Perm, Show-Design company has finished the development of a 3D printing device this summer. Maestro printer is adapted for dealing with fastidious thermo-polymer materials thanks to the built-in temperature control system. The device also uses the energy saving function and the safety system. However, the novelty costs just 114 thousands rubles.

Why is Smile-Expo organizing 3D Print Expo 2017?

Such a high level of activity among the Russian companies in terms of industry adoption requires better information support. At 3D Print Expo 2017, attendees will learn more information about the latest solutions aimed at the improvement of additive manufacturing. Theory will be provided through presentations within the specialized conference, and attendees will be able to see and test hardware and software in the exhibition area.

Our event will become a platform that will help Russian developers and businessmen to define the best development direction for their companies in the areas of technologies, marketing, investments, etc. in the shortest terms. Those that are only starting to open the world of 3D technologies will have a chance to do it with the maximum of efficiency.

Our event company Smile-Expo is holding already the fifth exhibition and conference 3D Print Expo. With every year, seeing the growth of the domestic segment of the industry, our company is making more and more efforts to gather the most interesting products in the exhibition area and invite those speakers that will share the most up-to-date knowledge.

The exhibition will take place in Moscow on October 13-14. More details and registration is available on the website of 3D Print Expo.

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