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Our first conference in Berlin: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Germany details

Publication date: 23 mar 2018

Our first conference in Berlin: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Germany details

On April 4, we will hold our first event in Berlin – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Germany. This conference will bring together European cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO enthusiasts. The speakers lineup is international: Germany, Netherlands, Malta, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, USA.

Speakers and topics

Participation of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the Blockchain Competence Group and IBM Cloud representatives makes us especially proud. 

René Bostic - expert in cloud computing, DevOps and new technologies; participant of conferences and exhibitions dedicated to cloud technologies (Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit, Cloud Expo, Agile2017 Conference). In her presentation, she will examine key principals of successful blockchain implementation, a case study based on the active blockchain business network and the reference architecture of a decentralized network.

Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler is a partner at DWF (technology oriented international law firm) and head of the international Blockchain Competence Group. She will talk about legislative regulation of tokens and their future opportunities.

Manuel Martin Marquez – CERN representative who specializes in the development of new technologies and Big Data analytics. He is also working on the implementation of a new data analysis infrastructure for CERN - DaaaS. The expert is a member of several working groups and he participates in interdepartmental projects. At the conference, he will talk about how blockchain can make fundamental science more transparent and scientific knowledge more accessible.

Also, Willem-Jan Bruin (Director of the Bitfury Group Western Europe division), Claudio Weck (blockchain and AI specialist at Porsche Digital Lab and Porsche Tech Laboratory), Christoph Niemann (blockchain architect at MaibornWolff) and other experts will make their presentations at the conference.

30 blockchain events in three years

Berlin became one of many new places on the Smile-Expo map. In 2018, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference events network expanded significantly; it now includes Asian and Western European countries. We are always looking for new audiences and we pay special attention to countries where the government and society are actively applying blockchain, digital currencies and token sales.

The first event dedicated to these technologies was held in 2015. Over the next three years, more than 30 conferences on blockchain and bitcoin were organized; 11 of them - in 2017.
From January to March 2018, we held eight blockchain conferences: in the Philippines, Gibraltar, Russia, Switzerland, India, Belarus, Turkey and Thailand.

Details of all the events (post-releases, photos, speakers’ interviews) can be found on websites of the conferences on our events calendar.

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