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Mobile technologies and healthcare innovations at M-Health Congress

Publication date: 26 feb 2018

Mobile technologies and healthcare innovations at M-Health Congress

New technologies bring to life new challenges, as we have to correspond to realities in order to be efficient and obtain maximum gain. The area of medicine and healthcare deals with the highest value – human life, which is why it develops very fast. Digital healthcare, technological hyper-specialization, analytical biomedicine, and many other fields emerge. 

Mobile medicine has been advancing lately allowing for remote health monitoring and home treatment, when a patient can get a medical consultation at any time, and a physician can track patient’s parameters online. Artificial intelligence will be able to forecast the arrival of crisis in advance and give specialists time to respond. 

Gene therapy is evolving, being able to help cure hereditary diseases and fight against blood cancer. Last month, clinical trial of therapy, which changes patient’s immune cells and makes them kill cancer cells, successfully took place. Scientists discovered a new type of immune treatment to fight against the influenza virus. Artificial pancreas was created, controlled with an AI mobile app. 

Microscopic robots that deliver drugs are developed, scientists work on quantum sensors that will allow looking into every cell of our bodies. The number of useful technologies is growing with every year; therefore, our company is organizing M-Health Congress for the fourth time. 

M-Health Congress is dedicated to innovations in the field of medicine and healthcare. The event embraces two simultaneously developing sectors: technologies for nursing, treatment, and prevention, and devices for health monitoring. 

Scientists and engineers from all over the world develop and improve technologies and tools for treatment and diagnostics of diseases, sometimes making revolutionary discoveries capable of quickly taking the business to a new level. New developments allow improving the quality of medical business services, reducing costs; they often give an opportunity to increase revenue dramatically. At the event, you can also bring your business to a new level thanks to new partners, ideas, and practical case studies from industry experts. 

You can register to M-Health Congress here

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