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Where to take the whole family in Moscow this autumn? Innovation events for children and adults

Publication date: 31 jul 2017

Where to take the whole family in Moscow this autumn? Innovation events for children and adults

Where to take the whole family in Moscow this autumn to spend time not only with pleasure but also with use? If you are asking this question, we will help you.

Each of the three autumn months will offer events dedicated to advanced technologies that will appeal to both adults and children. We will provide some more information about them.

Here are exhibitions of innovative technologies for the whole family.

3D Print Expo

3D Print Expo, an exhibition of additive technologies, will take place in Moscow for the fifth year in a row. It will last for two days: from 13 to 14 of October.

Last autumn, attendees could enjoy the show of superheroes. Participants wore 3D printed costumes of famous characters from comics, which especially impressed children.

As part of the exhibition, there were also workshops, where all volunteers could learn to print objects manually using a 3D pen.

3D printers and scanners, an art gallery, a concert of 3D printed guitars, quests, prize draw – that is only a small part of activities of 3D Print Expo.

Website of the event:

Robotics Expo

On November 25-26, annual international exhibition Robotics Expo 2017 will take place. One would think that we could stop here as there is no need to continue further – that is an exhibition of robots!

Similar to the last time, the exhibition will feature the most different devices: transformers, robo advisers, robotic pets, household and industrial robots, and many other types of robotized technology.

There will be workshops for children. We would like to remind that the youngest guests could attend three engaging lessons in 2016. They learned to create and program a monkey drummer, construct a Lego robot and change its parameters, and found out about the construction and capabilities of android robot DARwin mini.

Website of the event:

All these exhibitions, dedicated to innovative technologies, will be an excellent place to spend an evening with your family. Here, you will be able to cultivate your child’s love for science as well as personally learn many new and interesting things.

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