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Cryptocurrency in gambling and blockchain serving the government: Malta will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Publication date: 08 nov 2017

Cryptocurrency in gambling and blockchain serving the government: Malta will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

On December 7, Smile-Expo will hold Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta in Saint Julian's, a city located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. That is the first blockchain event in the country for our company and we are especially happy that not only the Maltese cryptocurrency community but also the government support it.

In Europe, Malta has a reputation of being one of the countries with the most loyal attitudes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The country’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is known for his rhetoric to support Bitcoin and saying that Europe may become the Bitcoin continent with Malta as Silicon Valley. Today the country develops the national blockchain strategy (the first version was offered for discussion and approved in April of 2017), researches the opportunities of decentralized technologies and prospects of their implementation in state administration. The integration of blockchain and state administration is expected to start from land cadastre and national medical register.

Online gambling represents the industry that already uses cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions successfully. It is one of the important economy sectors in Malta – the country is known as a pioneer in online gambling with revenues that make up 11% of GDP. Referring to gambling, the Maltese government made a statement in July of 2017, saying that cryptocurrencies had high chances to be legalized in the country.

However, Bitcoin, tokens, and ICOs are not regulated in Malta now. Therefore, investors and businessmen, keen on blockchain, have many questions left that our conference is intended to answer.

Smile-Expo keeps a close eye on the development of the global blockchain industry and monitors the attitude of different jurisdictions to Bitcoin. Our company is always looking for new platforms to host events. In 2017, we organized 3 conferences of the ICO event series and 15 events of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference series. Over 20 events, dedicated to the topic, are scheduled for 2018.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta will be one of the closing this year. When drafting the program, our company factored in the interests of the Maltese business community. The conference will feature experts from Malta and other European countries that focus on blockchain developments, investments, analytics, and legislation. Maltese lawmaker Silvio Schembri will open the conference with a welcome speech addressed to participants.

The primary focus will lie on the national blockchain strategy of Malta and the state regulation of the field: the current state of affairs and prospects. The legislative aspect will be debated, among other things, at the panel discussion, moderated by Steve Tendon, one of the keynote cryptocurrency experts in Malta.

Apart from the conference, the event will offer the innovation exhibition: developers will present prototypes of their software programs and applications, and manufacturers of mining farms and other technological devices – samples of machines.

More information about the conference and all the latest project news are available on the website.

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