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VAPEXPO Kiev-2016 results: new record set by Smile-Expo

Publication date: 11 oct 2016

VAPEXPO Kiev-2016 results: new record set by Smile-Expo

On October 1-2 we held a vape industry exhibition – VAPEXPO Kiev-2016. The second international event gathered all industry leaders, the community of experienced vapers, startups and those who are just beginning their journey in the world of vaping at ACCO International.

On the first exhibition day we held an industry conference, where local and foreign experts were invited. The audience included experienced vapers, bloggers, owners of large national enterprises, and those who are just starting their own business and looking for investors. Conference participants obtained authentic information from opinion leaders and heard precise answers to questions of concern regarding the lack of legislative regulation and promotion of vaping products. Market experts assessed the current state of the industry, told about existing trends and made forecasts on the industry development.

vapexpo киев  vapexpo киев  vapexpo киев

The exhibition floor featured 52 booths of local and foreign manufacturers, vape shops, and vape bars. The best lines of international e-liquids, and Ukrainian new products with different concentration of nicotine were presented for the first time at the exhibition. Vapers from different parts of Ukraine tried fresh flavorous e-liquids, shared their impressions and consulted with representatives of the companies. There were various activities almost at all booths, in which vapers gladly took part and won pleasant prizes: e-liquids and even mods. 

vapexpo киев  vapexpo киев  vapexpo киев

It should be noted that visitors highly evaluated the quality of domestically produced e-liquids. Just as at the first VAPEXPO, the overall winner in the category “The best flavour of the year” became the e-liquid from Wick & Wire.

The main feature of the event was a massive vapour cloud, which was simultaneously blown out by 132 exhibition visitors on Mikhey’s signal.  Expert of the National Register of Records of Ukraine, Vitaliy Zorin, registered the first record on the territory of Ukraine, made with the help of electronic vaping devices.

The more such records in Ukraine, the fewer people will smoke “incorrect” cigarettes,” said the expert.

vapexpo киев  vapexpo киев  vapexpo киев

The biggest vape gathering in the capital enjoyed the powerful sets from the main vaper – DJ Mukvik.  Besides that, he presented a wide and multifaceted line of own-produced e-liquids, called Monster Flavor.

We prepared an intense show program for both event days. Thus, as part of the show, beginners and professionals participated in the Unlimited Cloud Contest and won certificates and full e-liquid lines.

Famous video bloggers Mikhey and Dmitry Demidov, and cofounder of Wick & Wire Maxim Zhurbenko were assessing the skills of participants.

The overall winner of the so far second professional Cloud Contest on the second day of VAPEXPO became Dmitry Grigorchuk.

«I have won a limited mech mod SCNDRL, and I am more than happy with that. Many thanks to sponsors of prizes!» said Dmitry and promised to win the contest at the next VAPEXPO.

Visitors not only enjoyed the interesting show, but actively caught prizes from EcoVan Vape, Monster Flavor, Wick & Wire and other generous sponsors of the event.

The audience was especially excited when female teams were competing for a UAH 5000 prize in the Twerk Battle. The battle was won by the team that managed to warm up the audience best of all and to lift the spirits of the menfolk. That’s the team from Kharkov called Easy Team.

Furthermore, there were useful workshops on vape tricks and coil building, body art contests, where models were represented by young girls, organized on the stage.

We asked Kseniya Lagan, the curator of VAPEXPO, how they managed to organize such a large scale event this year: 

«We have matured! There were 52 participants in the October VAPEXPO: +22 compared to the first exhibition in April this year.

Instead of lectures there was a full-scale conference for both already established and beginning market players. The conference was fully sold out.

The show did not go without innovations as well: there was a Cloud Contest not only for professional vapers, but also for those who are heading towards their cloudy peaks. Twerk Battle and Body Art Battle were the hottest moments of the show.

We were glad to work with professionals that helped to make this show unforgettable – MC ARMO and DJ Mukvik. Respect to contest judges!

Thanks to partners and sponsors of the project: Wick & Wire and Enjoy Smoke – sponsors of the Cloud Contest, bracelets and badge lanyards;

VAPE2GO – exclusive partner; Monster Flavor – partner of the show program».


We are proud to add that at VAPEXPO KIEV our company has broken another record: “The most wholesale vaping experience at a single location” thanks to cloud chasers that created a huge cloud at VAPEXPO KIEV! That’s the fourth record of Smile-Expo Company, officially registered by the National Register of Records of Ukraine. We are terribly proud of it.       

In conclusion we would like to say that our team has used every effort to turn VAPEXPO into a nice tradition for both owners of vape enterprises and fans of delicious vapour. We will be glad to see you at each of our events and won’t stop amazing you with interesting and unusual innovations in the industry!

We look forward to meeting you at the grandiose European vape event – VapeWeek – on November 12-13. Participate in the international tournament The World Series of Vaping and compete for $5000 prize. 



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