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Results of the Internet of Things international conference in Moscow

Publication date: 06 oct 2016

Results of the Internet of Things international conference in Moscow

September 29, 2016 Moscow hosted a regular annual conference – Internet of Things, dedicated to the advanced IoT developments.

This time our event was attended by about 1000 guests and participants - that is twice as many as last year. The conference is getting to a qualitatively new level, and industry leaders acknowledge this as well.

“Each time the event is becoming larger and more interesting. I'm glad to be a part of it, and I must say that in the future we are planning to visit the Internet of Things as well. Currently the Conference is rightfully considered to be one of the leading events in Russia dedicated to the IoT technologies, and we are pleased to be a part of this process”, Tibbo Systems representative Viktor Polyakov said.

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Undoubtedly, the highlight of the conference was the presentation of cyborg Patrick Kramer from Digiwell. During the presentation of company developments, he has demonstrated the possibilities of subcutaneous microchips and right on the stage implanted one of them into Nickolay Kovshov - the lucky winner of social networks contest, who was chosen randomly. Other people were able to undertake this procedure at company’s exhibition stand. Thus, right during the event some people became cyborgs.

The Internet of Things conference was traditionally divided into two streams: Industrial IoT and LifeStyle IoT. Attendees were able to listen to 30 reports from leading industry leaders. The audience was full during the presentation of Google lecturers, who demonstrated the latest IoT developments of the company: smart mirror and Levis smart jacket with built-in sensors. Smart house technologies were unveiled by speakers from iRidium Mobile, Evika and Tron Systems. Cybersecurity issues were covered by experts from Kerlink, STRIJ, AURORA Mobile and Network 868.


Within the Internet of Things exhibition companies demonstrated smart calculators, data communication systems, electronic components, microsensors, smart home products and other modern IoT developments. NetRack conducted a drawing of valuable prizes among the attendees: a remote controlled robot, smart pen and certificates for impressive discounts.

At the Speed Dealing zone companies presented 18 promising projects to large investors. The presentations were so successful that some of them will receive funding.

After visiting the activity, Viktor Koch business angel and investor said:

“Thank you for the event! Everything was great. I like some startups very much. I will likely invest into one of them after thorough analysis. Moreover, at the next your event I would like to be a speaker.”

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Everyone was able to learn the ropes of IoT technologies by visiting workshops from the representatives of Amperika and MG Bot.

As part of the largest IoT event in the CIS the award ceremony Tech-in-Media was held as well. The best journalists that regularly cover the latest achievements in the field of Internet of Things were awarded. The winners are representatives of Kommersant, South Ural panorama, Profile, Energy and Industry of Russia (E&IR), Gazeta, as well as employees of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, portal and RIA Tomsk information agency. The awards were handed out by specialists from Intel and RBC.

Many guests were looking forward to the international Startups Fight. The best projects were chosen by 15 juries. 20 startups from Russia and Belarus took part in the exiting battle. Finally, the winning places were given to the Belarusian projects:

  • 1st place – TRINITI;
  • 2nd place – Ecocity;
  • 3rd place – TELEPORТ.

Moreover, the Belarusians have also won Audience Choice Award by getting ahead of the local startups by the score of 6:3.

We would like to give our thanks to charismatic and striking MC – Denis Kozminykh for making Startups Fight so interesting and intriguing. And, of course, thanks to our official sponsors: Huawei, iRidium Mobile, Rigtech, Tibbo Systems, Componenta. It is their support that has helped the event to get to a new level and to cover all aspects of the comprehensive sector of the Internet of Things.

“The 3rd event came to an end, and I’m glad that year by year, step by step we are picking up steam and attracting more and more speakers, companies, startups, investors and developers interested in the subject.

Internet of Things is not our future, it is the present already – that is the technologies, which are already available and used in business or at home. Application of real products and technologies is the fact that confirms our event.

Smart mirror, smart calculators, subcutaneous implants, transfer of massive amounts of data remotely, wearable gadgets and a lot of other interesting things that you can see, test and even buy just by visiting the exhibition. And to get high-quality content and ask questions to the experts known to the whole global IoT community is also quite easy - just visit our business activities, included into the event program. We are continuing to develop our project and Russian IoT community”, Internet of Things conference curator Yevgeniy Derekleev noted.


Results of the Internet of Things conference show that our event can be considered as a catalyst of the development and evolvement of the upcoming sector. That is why our next grand event will be event larger. Follow our news; see you at the Internet of Things conference in 2017!

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