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To the space through difficulties: Smile-Expo to organize third international conference and exhibition – InSpace Forum 2018

Publication date: 16 mar 2018

To the space through difficulties: Smile-Expo to organize third international conference and exhibition – InSpace Forum 2018

While public space organizations establish major, long-term space exploration goals, private companies have started earning on outer space. They believe that it provides unlimited development prospects and profitable models of innovative technology monetization.        

We are organizing the third international conference and exhibition, InSpace Forum 2018, dedicated to the development of space business and UAVs in order to discuss new projects and innovative technologies in the airspace industry as well as provide a platform for a dialogue between private companies and authorities. The event will take place on March 21 in the Golden Ring conference hall, Moscow. 

Key topics and headliners of the conference  

This year, InSpace Forum 2018 will be even more interesting and busier. Besides conventional panel discussions, attendees will be able to listen to speakers’ presentations within the conference. The event will also feature a new section dedicated to the monetization of unmanned aerial vehicles.

We have brought together even more speakers, including Sergey Zhukov (President at Aeronet), Valentin Uvarov (Advisor to the President of International Association of Space Activities Participants), and Pavel Shutov (President of Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers – RAASI).

InSpace Forum 2018 will allow you to discover:

• features of cooperation between public and private companies;

• how the legislation aimed at encouraging private space business is developing;

• new innovative solutions in the space industry;

• trends in the space tourism market;

• how to apply drones in the construction area, mining industry, and law enforcement system.

Conference guests will be also provided with successful case studies of Russian companies entering the global market and the establishment of private cosmonautics infrastructure.

Moreover, companies will present UAVs, software, high-tech solutions, and airspace industry services as part of the exhibition.

You can find out more about the conference and register on the official website of InSpace Forum 2018.

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