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Moscow will host blockchain conference on 10 November. Topics and speakers

Publication date: 21 oct 2016

Moscow will host blockchain conference on 10 November. Topics and speakers

November 10, 2016, we bring together the blockchain community at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia. We will discuss already implemented blockchain projects and legislative issues with entrepreneurs, financial experts and developments.

This year, we have extended the conference, dividing it into two sections: for financial experts and for non-banking sector representatives.  

Pavel Likhomanov, coordinator of the conference:

“We have been organizing bitcoin and blockchain conferences in Moscow since 2014, and every time we notice increasing interest to this topic. This time, the event will focus not on bitcoin but on blockchain technologies in the banking system and other industries. ”






The section for financial experts will discuss blockchain projects in the banking sector, establishment of national cryptocurrencies and legislative regulation of bitcoin and blockchain in various countries. 

Speakers will include:

  • Elina Sidorenko, Associate Professor at Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs and the head of the interdepartmental work group of the State Duma of the Russian Federation,
  • Pavel Novikov, the head of Fintech & Blockchain division at Skolkovo,
  • Marina Guryeva, the head of the Department of innovative activity at NRU HSE.

A special guest is Tone Vace, a financial analyst, ex-VP at JP Morgan Chase and founder of LibertyLifeTrail website. He will present his view of blockchain development in Russia and the world.   

The section for entrepreneurs will reveal the most unexpected blockchain implementations in insurance, manufacture, logistics and media sectors. Based on operating projects and prototypes, we will see how the blockchain energy exchange network works, what the social network on blockchain is, and what benefits blockchain provides in delivering cargo and property lease.     

Participates will enjoy a panel discussion dedicated to the interaction between block chain and Internet of Everything, the new phenomenon in the digitalization world. 

We invite everyone interested in establishing contacts with blockchain developers and entrepreneurs and those aiming to learn more about blockchain implementation in business. 

Details and registration on the website: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia.  

November 10, Moscow.

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