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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Finland in Helsinki: Blockchain innovations and trends of the cryptocurrency market

Publication date: 22 mar 2018

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Finland in Helsinki: Blockchain innovations and trends of the cryptocurrency market

On May 25, we will hold the first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Finland in Helsinki. The event will be dedicated to the cryptocurrency trading and investments, the integration of the distributed ledger technology into business processes, the development of blockchain-based solutions, as well as overarching issues on the technology impact on the society.

Finland and the cryptocurrency industry

Finland is at the forefront of technological innovation. Since the country’s authorities have a neutral attitude to the cryptocurrency sector in terms of regulation, there are no special rules for the use of bitcoin in the country.

The Central Taxation Regulator considers transactions with digital money as a financial service, which exempts it from the value added tax. At the same time, taxes are levied on income from speculation on bitcoin. Since the majority of Finns are law-abiding, in their tax declarations, they specify income received from activities with cryptocurrency.

For bitcoin operations, one doesn’t need a special banking license. Also there are no rules for the identification of clients.

Many companies and private institutions of the country accept bitcoins as a form of payment. In Helsinki, you can pay for lunch at such famous restaurants as Spis, Muru Dining and Lali Gurans, or pay for accommodation at the Cheapsleep Hostel and Hotel Helka.

Finland also has the Bitcoin Embassy, which unites the crypto community. Once a month, the Embassy holds a meeting of the crypto community participants, consisting of early bitcoins users and business owners.

Due to the ‘soft’ regulation of the digital assets market and the formed crypto community, Finland can become a starting point for new blockchain projects and crypto startups.

Immersion into blockchain

Taking into account the high interest of Finland in the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology, Smile-Expo organizes a platform in Helsinki for communication of the enthusiasts – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Finland. The conference will unite blockchain entrepreneurs, IT professionals, traders, founders of startups, investors, lawyers, marketers.

One of the key topics will be legislative regulation of the blockchain and cryptocurrency in Finland, Europe and around the world. The event will provide the maximum knowledge, useful contacts and business contacts.

Learn more about the conference and register for the event on the official website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Finland.

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