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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia: a new event organized by Smile-Expo in one of leading blockchain countries of Europe

Publication date: 28 nov 2017

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia: a new event organized by Smile-Expo in one of leading blockchain countries of Europe

Slovenia is a country that can pretend on a title of the leading blockchain country in Europe. It requires a cooperation of business and authorities in order to develop a blockchain ecosystem and integrate the technology into public administration.

On December 12, the capital of Slovenia Ljubljana will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference organized by Smile-Expo. Startup founders, investors as well as authors of state blockchain strategies will gather together.

One of blockchain leaders in Europe

Nowadays, all the European countries admit the power of blockchain and are ready to investigate and integrate it. There are participants of a blockchain consortium HyperLedger and an international fintech consortium R3 as well as state initiatives operating in the region. Slovenia is one of the most active participants of this process: the country has developed a strategy of digital society development Digital Slovenia 2020, including an initiative Blockchain Slovenia.

Nowadays, the state jurisdiction shows welcome to startups engaged in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The list of famous countries includes: 

• – a service for organization of blockchain-based business;

• SunContract – a blockchain-based service for electric power trading;

• Viberate – an ecosystem for musicians and their fans that works with authorship rights, music trading as well as fees. 

The country is also the domicile for a cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, a bitcoin market Bitnik, and a blockchain platform for investors ICONOMI.

Bitcoin Association is another blockchain-based organization that plays an important role for Slovenia. Its Head is a cryptocurrency enthusiast Jure Pirc. This is the European largest organization focused on cryptocurrency promotion. Currently, two million citizens of the country can use ten crypto ATM. Besides, Slovenia takes the third place in the world by the number of buy bitcoins searches.

All these aspects inspired us to organize the first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia and invite developers of a state blockchain strategy as well as representatives of the financial segment, public organizations, and business community all over the country. Experts form U. S., Spain, and Russia will also deliver a presentation at the conference. 

Keynote experts and main topics of the conference 

You will have a chance to meet Vít Jedlička, President of Liberland – the first country with own cryptocurrency and blockchain-based management. The list of speakers will also include Global Communications Consultant John Collins as well as CTO of IBM Department in South-Western Europe Peter Geršak. 

The conference will feature the history of cryptocurrencies and blockchain approval in Slovenia, review of these technologies regulation in Slovenia and other countries, ICO strategies, case studies of blockchain in public administration as well as HyperLedger products. 

We are always in search! 

Smile-Expo keeps track of innovations and investigates its place in different countries. Currently, we are expanding the geography of our Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference due to the real hype around cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The conferences are held in the countries where blockchain is actively researched and introduced and those who express neutrality or warm welcome to cryptocurrencies. We have organized 15 related events in 2017, more than 20 of them are expected to be held in 2018.

Announces of new events are coming soon! Follow the news on the website. 

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