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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta: Crypto Experts Have Discussed New DLT Use Cases

Publication date: 05 nov 2018

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta: Crypto Experts Have Discussed New DLT Use Cases

On October 23, Smile-Expo has organized the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta. Crypto meeting has become the 50th anniversary event of our blockchain series and has been visited by the CEO of Malta Digital Innovation Authority – the main blockchain regulator in the country.

What Did the Speakers Discuss?

The conference has united top professionals in crypto sphere who discussed the most crucial aspects regarding the technology. The event has involved 5 panel discussions where speakers talked about DLT and IoT, Tokenization, Crypto Laws, ICOs, and Blockchain Hacking.

Opening of the Event

The event was opened by Stephen McCarthy – CEO of Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA). It is the regulator in charge of promoting and developing the DLT industry in the country.

Visitors of the conference were also welcomed by the speech of Bruce Jeong – the investor & Deputy CEO at Fundshing, company which provides solutions to DLT-based startups. The expert has presented the Smart Crypto City project.

Innovative DLT Applications

The panel discussion about DLT integration in various sectors has become the unique focus of the event. Participants have talked about DLT in transportation, real estate sector, medicine and AI.

In the framework of the discussion, Yael Tamar, CMO of iOlite, has explained how DLT is used for logistics. She believes that global supply chain is a huge and inefficient industry with lack of visibility and cargo thefts. However, she sees the solution in blockchain and considers the technology a perfect match for supply chain.

To provide a proof, she presented a real use case from Olistics, the company which has launched a PoC demonstrating live shipments and changes-of-custody in real time including the ability to monitor cargo conditions. As of September 2018, hundreds of smart contracts are already deployed.

Juergen Hoebarth, Founder of Tokenization Limited, has told the audience how DLT transforms supply chain. He also presented cases about how the technology is used in flight insurance, gaming, real estate and healthcare.

According to the speaker, blockchain helps to know the status and condition of every product. It also enables consumers to discover where their purchases come from and how they were produced and confirms that diamonds are free from conflict.

            Legal and Regulatory Challenges

The other panel discussion was focused on the legal side of the technology. Speakers have examined Blockchain and GDPR compliance and compared crypto taxation in Malta, Switzerland and the United States.

Visitors were able to communicate with the leading lawyers, ask questions and get consultations for free.

Raising Capital with Reg D

Gordon Einstein, Founding Attorney at CryptoLaw Partners, has explained how to gather capital with Reg D – Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation governing private placement exemptions.

The expert described how to use Reg D and stay out of legal troubles on the way to fundraising success. According to Einstein, the “do’s” for using Reg D include conducting a “private placement” of securities and raising unlimited capital from an unlimited number of “accredited investors.”

Among the “dont’s” there are messing around with “unaccredited investors” and misrepresenting material facts.

Successful Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency trading was discussed by the founder & CEO at Midas Touch Consulting and professional trader – Florian (Florzinho) Grummes.

For successful deals on exchanges, the expert advised the audience to create a plan, consider position sizing and develop a principle-based approach. “Psychology is at least 80% of your trading success,” believes the specialist.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The program of the event included the traditional demozone – companies have shown their latest developments in the crypto industry. Among the exhibited solutions there have been software and mining accessories.

Software company PickPack, which offers new ways of approaching logistics, has become the participant of the demozone and presented solutions for last-mile and same day deliveries.

B2B application KYC-Chain has acquainted the visitors with solutions for managing KYC processes for both individual and corporate customers. Among the products of the platform, there are special templates and API to make the compliance process easier.

The company Hotmine which provides a new insight into mining has become the Mining 2.0 sponsor of the conference.

The silver sponsor – Steve Muscat Azzopardi, the Head of Corporate & Fintech at the Maltese law firm Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates. He has also delivered the presentation “Smart Contracts – from Hype to Business.”

The investment partner of the event – TaaS Capital Fund (NCF) which enables the easy crypto assets management.


The conference has welcomed major investment companies and venture capital firms. Among them there were DLT solutions provider Fundshing, NY-based global investment management firm Intrinsic Value Investment Partners (IVIP) and investment advisory firm InvestorsAlly.

The event was also visited by investment consultations provider Kylin Prime Group and UAE’s private investment firm The National Investor (TNI).

Organizer and Future Plans

The conference was conducted by the international company Smile-Expo – the organizer of 48 successful crypto events in 25 countries.

Our next Blockchain Conference will take place in Moscow on November 20, and after that, we will unite major crypto experts in Manila at our Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines on December 6.

The schedule of the events – on the website of Smile-Expo.



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