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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus: Smile-Expo first blockchain event in Cyprus

Publication date: 11 oct 2017

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus: Smile-Expo first blockchain event in Cyprus

On November 30, Smile-Expo will hold Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Cyprus for the first time. We are organizing this event for those earning on cryptocurrencies and blockchain and being ready to obtain new knowledge in order to grow their own business and increase its profitability.

The conference will take place in Limassol..

Cyprus is one of several states where Smile-Expo blockchain conferences will be held for the first time. In comparison with 2016, we have significantly increased the amount of events in this series, adding conferences in Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Malta and Cyprus to traditional Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences in Russia and Ukraine. It is caused by the fact that the world’s interest to decentralized technologies and virtual currencies is on the rise: not only enthusiasts or IT representatives are currently exploring them but also businesspeople, investors and different governments.          

Smile-Expo is always looking for new platforms and active communities aimed at discussing a new economic reality and a role of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in it.   

Advantageous environment for blockchain and bitcoin  

Cyprus faced the first explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies in 2013 during the debt crisis in Greece. At the time, a lot of citizens focus on bitcoin wallets as a relatively more reliable way of keeping money.      

Besides, Cyprus authorities have never supported extreme prohibitions of cryptocurrencies. In 2014, the local Central Bank said that bitcoin was not illegal. Currently, Cyprus legislation still has a positive attitude to virtual money and blockchain projects, including foreign ones registered within the republic. 

The world’s first university, accepting bitcoin payments for the education – The University of Nicosia – is located in Cyprus. Its students can take training courses dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrency trading. The republic also has its own cryptocurrency exchange: Authenta Trade.        

BBC Cyprus: answers to core questions  

Beneficial politics and available educative resources are establishing the active blockchain community in the Republic of Cyprus. However, enthusiasts still face a lot of challenges in their operations, including the absence of legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies and ICOs. We are holding Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Cyprus in order to answer these questions.     

The conference will allow Cyprus concerned business community to meet with world-renowned experts in order to discover the latest news, analytics and relevant opinions regarding controversial issues.      

Main topics to be discussed at the conference include cryptocurrencies, ICOs and blockchain projects in terms of Cyprus legislation, as well as government initiatives on the blockchain integration.   

We will soon begin to introduce speakers: follow the news on the conference website.


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