Biohacking Conference Moscow: Summing Up the Event on Health Upgrade and Life Improvement

Publication date: 04 oct 2019

Biohacking Conference Moscow: Summing Up the Event on Health Upgrade and Life Improvement

On September 19, Smile-Expo held Biohacking Conference Moscow. The event brought together biohackers from Russia and the UK, science communicators, physicians, genetic scientists, cryonics and face fitness experts, developers of technological devices, and specialists exploring aging processes. They explained how to become healthier, more beautiful, and more productive using modern approaches.

During a theoretical part of the event, speakers revealed how to treat and prevent various diseases, enhance the performance, and decrease the biological age. Experts showed equipment for cognitive capacity improvement and health control.

A practical part of the conference allowed everyone to test unique gadgets and learn exercises for health support and beauty preservation.

Besides, the event featured an exhibition area. Exhibitors introduced products designed for genetic trait definition, disease prevention, and life prolongation.

Presentations at the conference: what did speakers talk about?

The event was opened by moderator Vadim Zorin, CEO at Vitacel, with a welcome speech.

Greg Potter, an experienced biohacker from the UK, dedicated his presentation to diet optimization using chronobiology principles. He believes that the time of food intake is crucial to people. The expert stressed that a better understanding of your own biological hours could help to select the most appropriate diet.

Hannu Kinnunen from Ōura (Finland) presented the same-name sleep activity and monitoring tracker made in the form of a conventional ring. He told the audience about the gadget functionality and explained what health indicators it could improve.

Alexandr Kolyada – a genetic scientist, gerontologist, and co-founder of DIAGEN – focused on biological age markers and genes affecting the longevity. Reportedly, the size of chromosome end areas is related to a human lifestyle. Alcohol, diet with few vegetables, heavy consumption of meat, and stress lead to telomere length changes.

Alexey Utin, Chief Physician at SMART CheckUp, described cardiovascular diseases as the main cause of death among Russians. Dr. Utin believes that the early identification of health risks, preventive measures, and therapy will help to avoid diseases resulting in death.

Stanislav Skakun, Russia’s well-known biohacker, shared his Quantified self experiment considered as the world’s biggest one. He gave the reason for applying the great number of interventions and presented the current results. The speaker also examined new solutions on the wearable device market.

Stanislav Varvanets – an experienced biohacker, lecturer, and sports physiologist – thoroughly reviewed four generations of interventions. He noted that reverse therapy would help to combat aging in the future. People should prolong their life in order to catch that time. The expert thinks that both diet and psychological health require optimization.

Elena Karkukli, a face fitness coach, talked about health improvement and beauty preservation using face exercises. She revealed the results achieved due to face fitness. Afterwards, the speaker gave a practical lesson, conducting face and body exercises aimed at youth recovery together with guests.

Elena Milova, a representative of the LEAF Foundation and science communicator, highlighted the impact of social and economic factors on the lifespan. She distinguished the following aspects: access to high-quality healthcare services, education, and self-discipline. Besides, she specified how to develop the worldview of a long-living person.

Neurobiologist Timofey Glinin gave insight into the special features of tDCS technology (transcranial direct current stimulation). He introduced Brainstorm Neurostimulator to the audience. According to the expert, the device can enhance learning capabilities, improve memory and sports performance, as well as prevent depression.

Valeriya Pride (Udalova), CEO at KrioRus, made a presentation on cryonics prospects. The speaker thinks that body freezing at extra-low temperatures and its further preservation in liquid nitrogen can be treated as a basis for everlasting body upgrades. She held that cryonics could be affordable and unveiled the cost of this service in different countries.

What was shown in the demo zone?

NOBELBAD’s stand offered guests BAAs for preventing heart diseases and aging, anti-aging beauty preparations, a food additive for gut flora recovery, and a biohacking program for reducing the biological age.

MyGenetics presented MyWellness, MyBeauty, and MyNeuro DNA tests, while Atlas showed genetic and microbiota tests.

The exhibition area also involved Rapsalin, a manufacturer of high-mineralized sea water products intended to improve the body.

FITOTAL’s stand demonstrated Fitotal, a BAA metabiotic enhancing gastrointestinal tract functions and reinforcing the immune system.

BOMBORA Publishing House illustrated books about science and healthcare by various authors.

Moreover, the demo zone outlined the services by IVAO, a company assisting in fundraising for scientific projects, selling health goods, and providing a possibility to acquire the right to obtain anti-aging treatment in the future.

Event sponsors

Official Sponsor of the event was AGenYZ, an international innovative company engaged in network marketing. It produces several lines of BAAs, implements educational programs, and allows everyone to set up their own businesses.

Sponsor of catering was Ahimsa Project. It is a healthy food delivery service that offers several nutrition programs.

Smile-Expo expresses its gratitude to sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors for participation in the event.

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