Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020: Event on Efficient Ways of Health Optimization and Life Prolongation

Publication date: 19 dec 2019

Biohacking Conference Kyiv 2020: Event on Efficient Ways of Health Optimization and Life Prolongation

The first Biohacking Conference Kyiv by Smile-Expo dedicated to the efficient methods of body upgrade and aging slowdown will take place on March 26, 2020. Speakers will include experienced doctors, well-known biohackers, and scientists.

Experts will tell guests how to improve health, stay young, and enhance performance using science and cutting-edge technologies. The conference will also show innovative solutions and gadgets to control all body systems.

Who will find the event interesting?

Information and experience shared by experts at the conference will be useful to healthy lifestyle followers, beginning and skillful biohackers, as well as everyone desiring to reveal their biological potential and prolong life.

Attendees will discover more about the concept and techniques of biohacking, the development of cognitive functions, and health improvement. Speakers will provide tips and explain how to advance your body and mind without any damages.

Key topics of the conference

The event program will consist of theory and practice. Speakers will highlight issues that are familiar to each person: how to feel good, relax properly, select the best possible diet, and stay young.

The practical part will introduce advanced equipment and wearable devices that help people to monitor their health. Besides, experts will show exercises aimed at preserving the beauty and keeping fit.

Presentations will be dedicated to the following matters:

What is biohacking? Speakers will focus on the features and advantages of biohacking, dispel myths about it, as well as thoroughly examine its differences from medicine and healthy lifestyle. Guests will find out who biohackers actually are and what body advancement results they achieve.

How to unlock the biological potential without damaging health. Experts will analyze different ways of well-being and productivity enhancement. They will illustrate how evidence-based medicine helps to preserve the youth and teach you how to distinguish beneficial body upgrade approaches from doubtful ones.

The impact of sleep rhythms on health. As part of this topic, specialists will describe how sleep affects your well-being, how to optimize your biological rhythms, and how to increase efficiency. Moreover, guests will learn how to design an appropriate diet according to the principles of chronobiology.

Diagnostics and drug intake. Speakers will review diagnostic techniques and tests allowing to control significant body changes. They will consider patterns of taking nootropics and biologically active additives to improve health.

Cognitive capacity development and mental health optimization. Experts will stress the importance of monitoring your psychological health and its impact on the physical condition. They will present methods allowing to enhance the ability to cope with stress, upgrade the memory, and boost the attentiveness.

Practical methods of body modernization and well-being improvement. Visitors will see and appreciate modern gadgets and wearable devices for measuring health indicators, as well as become aware of implant operating principles. This topic will also mention athletic training programs and exercises for keeping energy.

Tickets to Biohacking Conference Kyiv are already available. There is a special early bird discount until March 1.

Details about the event program and speakers can be found on the official website ►►►

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