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Announcing of 2017 Bitcoin industry events from Smile-Expo

Publication date: 24 nov 2016

Announcing of 2017 Bitcoin industry events from Smile-Expo

Discussing the bitcoin and blockchain startups, as well as the legal matters – at the conferences in Moscow, Kyiv, and Tallinn.

We saw milestone events related to blockchain technology happening in 2016. That’s the conduction of the first business deals, the implementation of blockchain in retail, logistics and energetics, and the arrival of the first Russian-language media based on blockchain.

2017 promises to be even more interesting.

What business areas will use blockchain? Will the notions of blockchain and cryptocurrency be adopted by national legislations? These and other issues will be discussed at the upcoming conferences organized by Smile-Expo.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn

March 9, Tallinn

The first conference in 2017 will be held in Estonia – one of the most supportive countries in relation to blockchain-based developments. The state with 1.3 million of population has managed to find use for the new technology in banking sector, trading, medicine, and notary system. The infrastructure of Estonia (electronic voting, laying of optical fiber network, ubiquitous Wi-Fi) is ready for the implementation of blockchain for a wide variety of needs. Together with experts we will discuss Estonian and world projects.


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia

April 19, Moscow

Moscow conference that was held in November has shown: blockchain appeals to Russian business. Having brought together representatives of IBM, Microsoft, Sberbank, Skolkovo and HSE in 2016, we will hold the bar high in 2017.


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague

May 18, Prague

Our blockchain conferences have an international audience, and the most frequently used language is English. To be closer to European developers, we are heading to Prague in spring. Especially that we are already well-known there.


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev

September 21, Kiev

Ukraine is the state with one of the most advanced blockchain communities and leader in the sphere of govtech blockchain-based developments. Kiev has become a meeting point for developers, bitcoin enthusiasts and manufacturers of equipment for the industry. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Ukraine is the largest of our blockchain conferences. We will invite even more expert speakers to Kiev in 2017.


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Upcoming exhibitions


November 4 2020

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020 At KiAC 2020, top affiliates and gambling operators will gather to discuss new strategies of cooperation and efficient tools for promoting the gambling venues.

Biohacking Conference Kyiv

November 11 2020

Biohacking Conference Kyiv is an event dedicated to innovative approaches for saving youth, optimizing health and reaching longevity.

Ukrainian Gaming Week

26-27 of November 2020

Learn about the latest insights into the Ukrainian and global gambling market. Meet experts and like-minded people at the largest industry exhibition in the country.

w2 conference Kyiv

December 9 2020

The conference is dedicated to workplace health. How to better understand each other and organize work in the office without chaos and stress.