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AI Conference in Moscow: Outcome of Fourth Conference on AI in Business

Publication date: 02 may 2019

AI Conference in Moscow: Outcome of Fourth Conference on AI in Business

On April 9, Smile-Expo held the fourth AI Conference in Moscow: an event dedicated to the application of AI technologies in businesses. It was conducted in the conference + exhibition area format. Participants included entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, and developers. They shared useful information about AI advantages with the audience.

Experts explained how AI solutions could improve customer experience, automate manufacturing processes, attract new consumers, and prepare business analytics.

The event was moderated by Sergey Shopik, the head of Customer Experience Laboratory.

AI Application Challenges and Technology Future

Konstantin Gorbach from Zyfra made a presentation on prospects and challenges of artificial intelligence application.

The speaker stressed the labor market transformation. He stated that people would not lose their jobs because of AI integration, as machines and human beings would have different obligations. Artificial intelligence will be responsible for data collection, processing, and interpretation, while people will establish contacts with customers.

Project Public Financing

Alexey Dobrusin, a representative of Gedokorp agency, talked about raising of public funds for artificial intelligence projects.

According to the expert, the state supports financially projects that solve certain issues and goals. The speaker believes that the best support options are national accelerators and government programs aimed at technology growth.

He recommended specialists to monitor the demand and to focus on relevant objectives.

Business Process Automation

Leonid Konovalov, the founder of InfoSystems, revealed the business automation.

The speaker said that companies drawing up reports manually could face short-deliveries, theft, and writing off. The application of AI systems reduces these risks. Therefore, one should use AI technologies to automate accounting records, prepare reports, and perform other tasks.

Besides, he thinks that AI will be useful to scalable businesses.

AI for Customer Communications

Felix Skvortsov from CROC gave an insight into the robotic-enabled user support.

According to the specialist, up to 70% of the client requests do not require personnel intervention. Applications can be processed automatically.

He told the audience how M.Video-Eldorado integrated its chatbot. The team conducted several stages:

  • data analysis;
  • testing of the accuracy of virtual assistant operations;
  • launch of the project on machine learning adoption;
  • development of the chatbot for email and messenger.

Reduction of Expenses and Increase in Profits

Anton Malov, a director at GANDIVA, unveiled how AI allowed entrepreneurs to spend fewer expenses for staff and to increase income. He provided the case study of successful AI application at AGAT Group.

Reportedly, the company integrated an artificial intelligence system of recording actions of all employees. The program examined information and determined whether they justified expenses spent on them. Due to AI, the speed of decision making grew by 25%, client requests were fulfilled 72% faster, and personnel satisfaction regarding corporate services went up by 71%.

Exhibitors’ Solutions

AI Conference featured a traditional exhibition area. It involved companies developing cutting-edge AI solutions. Attendees were able to consult exhibitors about technical issues.

The exhibition area introduced:

  • interactive panels by BM GROUP Innovations Factory;
  • an image mapping AI software by Neurospectr;
  • a software for assessing the efficiency of targeted advertising by PR STORY;
  • an AI solution for company and back office management by GANDIVA.

On June 4, the specialized event dedicated to AI in businesses will take place in the capital of Ukraine. The program and event details are available on AI Conference Kyiv.

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