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Digital Monkey will reveal secrets of successful digital marketing

Publication date: 02 dec 2016

Digital Monkey will reveal secrets of successful digital marketing

Digital Monkey is a key to success in the digital industry! Why are we so confident? Because this event is destined to reveal the most relevant, the most difficult and pressing issues of digital marketing.

Do you want to learn how to make Internet business promotion strategy more efficient? Do you want to reveal professional secrets of modern online marketing gurus? Are you dreaming of building up your startup to the level of famous brand? Sky is the limit! On December 16, everyone will be able to improve their knowledge in this sector and get questions to the relevant questions at Digital Monkey conference at DEC place!             

We have gathered the best digital industry professionals: online marketers, SEO and SMM specialists, advertisers and PR specialists. These people won’t just tell what Internet marketing is and describe its purpose. No way! They are aiming to share the coolest features of Internet promotion, to show which methods are the best and which of them should be forgotten once-for-all-time.     

But wait there is more! Smile-Expo, as the organizer of such events, is striving to take a broad view to things. In our view, it is important not only to tell what is happening in the digital marketing world right now, but also to lift the veil on the future. What will be relevant in the digital industry in 2017? What new trends and challenges will all digital specialists have to face in the nearest time? It is these very issues that our speaker will pay special attention to.         

Talking of speakers, the real sharks of digital marketing will speak at the conference. Including: 

  • Kristina Pototskaya, TriggMine’s marketing director. Her presentation is dedicated to the relevant and far-from-simple for many entrepreneurs online promotion segment – email marketing. How to make your company’s email newsletters always attract attention of your customers and bring profit? Let’s find out!              
  • Maxim Fedorov, the head of social media, Possible Group (Hungry Boys). The topic of his presentation literally sounds like that: #настячирикнисьсэльдаром. Innovative approaches to SMM. Let’s confess, we don’t even know what to expect. Who is Nastya? Why does she need this Eldar? Maxim keeps everything under wraps, promising to reveal this secret only at Digital Monkey conference. It is intriguing, isn’t it?            
  • Maria Naumenko and Sergey Shustov, representatives of WIFI BAR Ukraine, will raise one of the most significant and unusual topics. They will tell how Wi-Fi marketing operates and which of its tools are the most efficient.     
  • Yaroslav Vedmid, the founder and head of Postmen digital agency. Yaroslav will tell how sales pipelines operate and how to promote your brand successfully using informative websites and market places.     
  • Grigoriy Kochenov, creative director at AGIMA. He will help us to learn about all details of adaptive web design.  

The list of speakers is not exhaustive and will be supplemented. We still have something to surprise you, so keep track of events. 

Video about Digital Monkey 2015


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By the way, about surprises: haven’t we told that after the conference all participants will be able to enjoy an incredible Pre-New Year party? Yes, indeed! Eventually, work done, have your fun! Driving music, tasty drinks, contests – it definitely won’t be boring! Thus, book tickets without doubts. You can book them on Digital Monkey website right now!

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